A.Zdvizhkov: In the bullpen, I just insulated from

Almost a week later, on February 22, the Supreme Court held cassation appeal against the former deputy editor of the newspaper "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou, who was sentenced to 3.5 years for the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Journalist pleads not guilty of inciting religious hatred and reaches justification.
January following the first process in the Minsk city court Alexander Zdzvizhkou transferred from the detention center in Minsk KGB detention center. Almost a month of letters from the journalist was not. And on the days of mom Anna Zdzvizhkou prisoner received a letter from the son. Sdvizhkou Alexander wrote that he was transferred to another cell, a huge, where a few people contain. This camera is warmer in the former prisoner had to ask for an extra blanket. Now complaints about the conditions of Alexander Sdvizhkov not expressed, but complained about his health.
"He writes that he began to build, and horrible to hear, but in the main needs treatment. This is understandable, because all diseases spread in the nervous system. Another writes that from everything in the bullpen it is isolated, only contacts cellmate, though of slightly easier" .
Many people in Belarus and the world finds it very tough sentence that received for publishing cartoons Alexander Sdvizhkou and demanding the release of the journalist.
Kozulin "try to give the second term?"

On this week passed the short-term appointment of Alexander Kozulin and his daughters Olga and Julia. The politician told the pressure from the administration: it is very often started searching watchmen, took his hot plate and a juicer, do not convey the piece of correspondence. According to these featured Alexander Kozulin said that lately he has "zero chance" for premature release.
Policies and said that it tried to interview as a witness on a certain criminal case, but he refused. What this case, Olga Kazulina unclear.
"Dad on a thousand percent sure that it will make it re-classified and eyewitness accused to try to give him a second term."
According to the views of former lawyer Igor Rinkevich, a criminal case, in which Alexander Kozulin There is an eyewitness, allegedly instituted against the former employee and Beldyarzhvniversytetu to the period when the rector of BSU was Alexander Kozulin. The police details of this case do not report. "Certainly, it is a series of pressure Kozulin, it will try this matter compromise ", — says Igor Rinkevich.
As Alexander Kozulin feels? Daughter policy revealed that at the moment he weighs 88 kg, is the average weight between policy before and after the hunger strike at the end of 2006. "On health, he does not complain, does not even want this read, but his mood was militant," — says Olga Kozulin about his own father.
"He is strong and hard Kozulin as he was when he started a hunger strike, he’s such at the moment. He is ready to fight, even war, which started against him. He says that only by example can show makingsmiling, not only in the colony, and in nationwide . "
On February 14, the Minsk Central Tribunal upheld configurations preventive measure for youth activist Andrei Kim. Against him brought a criminal case after a meeting of businessmen, held in Minsk in January. For release of Andrei Kim on bail petitioned than 50 people, but the referee Valentin Whistler decided that in order to keep the investigation activist detained in Minsk remand. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Sdvizhkou, com

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