ACS «Coalition-SV-SH» will show at the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013

Until a few months back the representatives of the Russian defense industry promised that at the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 to be held in late September in Nizhny Tagil, will show some samples of the new Russian military equipment. It later emerged that the general public will not be able to behold some of the promised military vehicles. Yet, in the list to show the declared types of vehicles is one of the most exciting developments shortly. The exhibition RAE-2013 for the first time will demonstrate self-propelled gun «Coalition-SV» on a wheeled chassis. That variant bears the title «Coalition-SV-CABG.»

On the existence of the «Coalition-SV» was clear even in the midst of the past decade. Then self-propelled howitzer developed variant crawler. Layout underwent a series of tests, but in 2010 the management of the Ministry of Defense announced the end of the project financing. In the upcoming work continued, apparently in an active manner. The result of the continuing development promising ACS became a fighting machine, which is scheduled to show at a future exhibition.

ACS «Coalition-SV» Nizhny Novgorod developed CRI «Petrel». In the development of wheeled self-propelled howitzer variant was also attended by the company «MZ» (Perm) and auto plant KAMAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny). In developing the newest self-propelled wheeled chassis had to solve some prepyadstviya technical nature. In this case, all three companies needed the experience gained «Petrel» in the development and testing of a similar previous project. In the early 80-ies in the CRI «Petrel» was created by self-propelled gun «MSTA-K» on a wheeled chassis. That development has not reached mass production, but get a lot of assist desired disk imaging.

As the chassis for the latest self-propelled howitzer «Coalition-SV-SH» is used four-vehicle KAMAZ-6560 «Tornado». This chassis is already in operation in the armed forces as a base for anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems «Armour-C1.» With all of this for use in self-propelled artillery vehicle «Tornado» endured some changes. Please undergone refinements chassis frame. When shooting on this unit are heavy loads that require strengthen it. In addition, some have changed other parts of the chassis. These improvements were associated with the installation of large turret.

It should be noted that the creation of KAMAZ-6560 almost gave green light development self-propelled artillery installation on wheeled chassis. The available before the «Tornado» chassis would not be the basis for ACS with the latest features at the «Coalition-SV-CABG.» KAMAZ-6560 has a capacity of about 24 tons, which allowed us to use the chassis as a base for the modern military machine.

In front of the chassis is placed armored cabin crew. Noteworthy that a number of technical solutions used in the project «Coalition-SV-SH» has permitted to move jobs all crew members in the forward cabin. As they say the creators of the project, the cabin armed with all necessary equipment, allowing you to watch the work of different combat vehicle systems and control the operation of the gun turret. In addition, the cabin is equipped with heating systems, allowing the crew to operate self-propelled guns in the criteria of low temperatures.

Mounted on a platform chassis armored turret. Fighting compartment holds uninhabited. It houses an automatic stacking ammunition autoloader, as 152-mm howitzer 2A86. Unlike ACS «Coalition-SV» crawler, self-propelled howitzer in the tower on wheels has one gun, not two. Information about ammunition and rate of recent ACS absent. Some speculation on this score can be done on the basis of the available information about the first self-propelled version. ACS two-gun could carry up to 70 separately-sleeves ammunition and lead to fire rate of 15 shots per minute. Perhaps rate «Coalition-SV-SH» in comparison with an old self-propelled declined and ammunition remained approximately at the same level.

Immediately with strengthening the chassis frame in the project «Coalition-SV-SH» used some additional solutions that deliver performance combat vehicle. As can be seen from the materials available, the chassis is additionally equipped with 4 lowerable outriggers. So Makar, self-propelled howitzer fire should not lead to the wheels, and with strong supports. ACS to bring into the firing position after arriving at the position, according to calculations the creators of the project, it should take about one and a half minute. During this time the outriggers are lowered, checks the operation of the tower systems, etc. Wheeled chassis allows after firing rapidly translate SAU to the stowed position and leave the position.

Brand new howitzer 2A86 152 mm caliber barrel length due to above 50 calibers, reportedly capable of firing at targets that are at a distance of 70 km. Perhaps the greatest range of fire is achieved by active-rockets. ACS «Coalition-SV-SH» can use all kinds of existing and promising 152-mm shells, both managed and unmanaged.

It is understood that in the coming years newcomer ACS «Coalition-SV-SH» is the standard weapon for missile troops and artillery, where it will complement the existing self-propelled «MSTA-S». In the upcoming completion of the project may be «Coalition-SV» crawler and start of serial production of military vehicles. It is expected that the introduction of the wheel chassis KAMAZ-6560 «Tornado» will allow the newest self-propelled howitzer have higher mobility, which allows to rapidly move to the position and go from there. Approximate Deadline for the latest self-propelled guns on arms — 2015.

Currently, CRI «Petrel», together with other companies engaged in the project, conducting tests available layout promising self-propelled artillery installation «Coalition-SV-CABG.» First demonstration of a combat vehicle to the general public will be held at a future exhibition RAE-2013. Then appears a full range of official information and marketing materials. Opening of the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 will be held on September 25.

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