Admavlyayuchyesya subject to dismissal from the curse

"Free Belarus"
in 1918 , under the heading "What’s going on in Minsk?" informs: "Intercourse with Russia, and even the coming of the towns, until, neem … Predstavnik Garadkogo harchovago to-that negotiates with germanskay power to assist the authorities in the food business. Abetsali him that the German authorities will go to the meeting … Gadavshchyna revolution took place quietly and softly. No board nor any demonstrations. Once a day adtrymlivayutstsa Vilnius newspaper in including and "babel" which zednav for themselves in the midst of many followers on Citizens. "
In 1928 year "Russian Belarus" under the heading "Judicial Chronicle" writes: "The Chairman of the consumer society Chervensky Yanushkevich Ales, since that time, as the store began selling vodka society, every day drinking and eventually this kutsyazhy squandered on p 431. 50 building cooperative funds. Minsk District tribunal sentenced Alexander Janushkevich year imprisonment with severe dissociation, but on the basis of the amnesty mark the 10th anniversary of the October detention freed. "
"Yesterday in Vienna held a grand military parade in which a speech made by Hitler and his deputy in Austria Seyss-Inquart, — reported in 1938 year "Proletarians of Vitebsk". — Both of them said that "the annexation of Austria to Germany is a fait accompli" … Apublikovan order that requests from all municipal and city officials immediately swear "Fuhrer of the German Reich." Admavlyayuchyesya on oath subject to immediate dismissal. "

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