Advertising Theater Forum — only in Russian

Their show theaters from Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. End performance March 27 International day of theater.
On our show two performances on whiteRussian language. Offline advertising, but only framed in Russian.
The competition presented programmke more theaters from Russia, four of them. Belarus is represented by three theater. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania presented any one theater.
Participants will compete for a theatrical competition Grand Prix — "For the best performance." Also for the diplomas, prizes and awards in the category "best director’s work", "For vivid embodiment of the youth theme", "For the best Actress" and "For the best actor."
For the first time youth theater forum was held in 2006. The fact that it represents, said "Freedom" the head of the literary section of the Mogilev Drama Theater Timothy Yaravikov:

"The most important thing, as a forum — international, youth, theater, then on this forum showing the performances of young people, for young people, the role of youth. Emphasis on the fact that this is not just a theater festival and forum specifically, in other words, the event is still a labor coloring. "
According Yarovikova, the forum held creative meetings, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.
Director of Mogilev regional theater Andrei Novikov said that the forum will be two performances go on whiteRussian language:
"The performance of our theater on the poem Kupala" She and I "and the performance of Theatre of Belarusian Drama" Capital Eravnd "written by Sergei Girgel. 4 Belarusian performances from two performances on Belarusian language, two in Russia. "
WhiteRussian language will be heard at the conference "Contemporary Theatre and the Belarusian State classic." It forum participants will discuss the state of the Belarusian state drama.
In Mogilev theater, but could not explain the correspondent of the "Liberty" why advertising on the whole forum Russian language. Theatergoers acknowledged that it would be better if the ads were marketing to 3 languages: Belarusian, Russian and British.

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