Affect whether Kosovo’s independence of Belarus?

Head of the Belarusian Schumann Society, Advisor Milinkevich in international issues Igor Lyalkov considers: the Kosovo action, first working on the Balkans:
"All the same, this problem refers to the first part of the world. Case of some states with Serbia will be very complicated. Serbiya already announced that it will reduce the level of diplomatic relations with countries that recognize Kosovo’s independence.

RF impact on the Balkan Peninsula will grow through it.

You can wait for the upcoming convergence of Serbia and Russia. RF impact on the Balkan Peninsula will grow through it.
Maybe it will be an additional argument to some self-proclaimed states in the Caucasus, pointing to the Kosovo precedent, also try to qualify for some international recognition. "
I remember that at the time of Slobodan Miloshevicha from Belgrade were signals of accession to Russia-Belarus Union. Maybe there is now a return to this idea? — Interested in the emperor Lyalkova:
"As I recall, there was even a resolution of the Assembly (then Yugoslavia) just to accede to the Union. Yugoslav Parliament, made the decision. But, of course, no practical consequences it had. Honestly, I do not think that in the current situation it can be. Few other Serbiya became comparable to what it was during Miloshevicha. "
Deputy Chairman of the International Committee of the House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutsky Kosovo example is alarming:
"I just thought about it. Generally, it is very severe symptom that could undermine the fragile peace that was created in Europe and in globally. This concerns first of interethnic relations in the framework of the self-proclaimed separate municipalities. "
Sovereign Krasutski not exclude in this situation more active measures on the part of, aimed at uniting the Slavic peoples, but not by the Federal Government:
"I think the very idea is already in the past. But certain actions and statements of Russian control, it seems to me that the union of the Slavic countries will go more intensively. Russian policy in this area is a effective. "
Political scientist Alexander Fyaduta believes that through the example of Kosovo will increase pressure on the Polish diaspora in Belarus:
"It starts with, in my opinion, the redrawing of boundaries formed in Europe. And if one of the superpowers, for example, the United States recognized Kosovo, Our homeland recognizes, for example, to Abkhazia.
Belarus, on first glance, this does not apply. But look what a big company raised the Belarusian authorities against "Polish Card". That in this case will increase pressure on the Polish diaspora in Belarus, I have no

In this case, increase the pressure on the Polish diaspora in Belarus

doubt. "
But in the accession of Serbia to the so-called Union countries will soon sire Fyaduta not believe:
"Such decisions are taken only when the power is strong. And I do not know how powerful the power now in Serbia. And in-2, Our homeland is the other day of the presidential election."

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