AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter

AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter
Opened on September 10, 2013 international defense exhibition DSEI 2013, which was accomplished in London, the company introduced the AgustaWestland image promising shipborne unmanned helicopter are working on experts at the company. As reported by professional edition «Aviation Week & Space Technology »helicopter designed by RWUAS (Rotary-Wing UAS). Although representatives of the company AgustaWestland not directly confirmed complete reliability of the image, but, apparently, sketch essentially based on a real project completely.

Ministry of Defence of England even allocated a contract in the amount of 2.4 million pounds to establish the concept of unmanned helicopter shipborne. Earlier, in 2013, AgustaWestland has already submitted its own standard, so called «concept demonstrator» (Capability Concept Demonstrator — CCD) for this project RWUAS. Refers to the small-lot unmanned helicopter PZL-Swidnik SW-4 Solo, which is produced in Poland at the company PZL-Swidnik, which since 2010 belongs to AgustaWestland. For the first time single-engine layout rotary unmanned / optionally piloted helicopter PZL-Swidnik SW-4 Solo was presented at MSPO 2012, which was accomplished in the town of Kielce in Poland. In the history of Poland is the first UAV helicopter type.

This helicopter is created on the basis of a serial single-engine helicopter SW-4. As planned by professional companies AgustaWestland and PZL-Swidnik SA this helicopter should become the principal player in the rapidly growing sector rather drones. SW-4 helicopter Solo is designed to provide very probable flexibility for operators with the ability to produce both unmanned and manned missions at sea and on land. In this embodiment, the unmanned helicopter is able to solve a huge number of different tasks. For example, border, maritime surveillance and combat, exploration and search purposes, the evaluation of harm on the battlefield, research resources and mapping, environmental monitoring areas, cargo transportation, disaster relief.

In optional manned version SW-4 Solo can carry a pilot and 4 passengers. Helicopter manned version flew in 2012. First flight of the helicopter unmanned was to be held in 2013. Technical properties of SW-4 Solo is not specified, but the basic model is able to overcome to 772 km. and develop with all this speed to 254 km / h

Despite this real helicopter project RWUAS unlikely to be created on the basis of Polish helicopter because the image presented at the exhibition indicates that the new helicopter has not much in common with SW-4 Solo. In this regard, it was even suggested that maybe the newest platform for this project will serve as a small-engine helicopter in the class up to 2.5 tons, the development of which agreement with Russian company JSC «Russian Helicopters» was signed at the capital MAKS-2013.

Within MAX 2013 AgustaWestland company and the airline «UTair» signed an agreement on development center in Russia helicopters maintenance AW139. Under the agreement, on a technical basis Russian airlines will open an authorized service center, which will provide a full range of services for maintenance and support helicopters AW139. In these days of «UTair» is the first commercial operator in Russia this model helicopters. Assembling data helicopters made in Russia in cooperation with the holding company «Russian Helicopters». Enthusiasm for these helicopters manifested country’s Defense Ministry.

AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter

Polish helicopter SW-4 Solo

Also as part of the MAKS-2013 the company AgustaWestland (a member of the group Finmeccanica) and holding «Russian Helicopters» (a subsidiary of «Oboronprom» which comes in the State Corporation «Russian Technologies») have signed a preliminary agreement that defines the direction of the joint applets to develop a new light helicopter weighing up to 2.5 tons. This was officially reported to the press-service of JSC «Russian Helicopters». The respective document was signed by the CEO of the holding «Russian Helicopters» Dmitry Petrov, CEO of AgustaWestland and Daniel Romiti.

Preliminary evaluation of commercial prospects and technical design of the new helicopter is intended to be completed as early as the coming months. It is understood that work on applets, which both companies said the first time in the summer of last year, will be on an equal footing, with all this new helicopter will be created for the world market and a wide range of tasks. As Dmitry Petrov, the agreement — a continuation of mutually beneficial cooperation, the development of which for Russian companies is one of the priorities. Today holding «Helicopters of Russia» as an active player in the global market, intensely involved in various international projects, including the localization of production and the development of modern helicopters. The agreement is a continuation of the successful partnership 2-companies started with the creation of a joint venture aviation HeliVert, which has been producing popular helicopter AW139.

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