Ales Chajchyts. Thirteenth plot

Pink Porsche raced at night Zakharjevskaya 150 km per hour. Megafonnae "Hon sovereign!" "Hon sovereign! Stop the car!" buzzing in my head high blond man driving a car. Lupila music to the ears, the eyes of sailing blue and reddish reflections, lit cigarette, forgotten by the rules in his hand, threw ashes on precious sheathe. Almost empty bottle of Cinzano in the passenger seat vypleskvala water cycle turns evil, the vehicle did the empty night street. At the intersection with Felitsyyanskay he could not fit into the rotation, and at full speed it made in a closed storefront cafe "Starbuck’s". Two pursuers of them police car flashing reddish and blue signals, squealing brakes braked in front of and behind him.
"We will leave serried On its own native free space!" — The words of the national anthem of thunder broke into a painful head Konstantin Mlynarskaga. Effort, he slowly opened his eyes and saw the blue spots on the side of the tele cells. Broadcast parade began alive with Simon Aleninskay Square. Policemen were sitting idly at a table a few meters away from the cell, eating their sandwiches and drink coffee.
In tele choir sang a hymn state suits, later showed a lot of people, white-red-white flags, state management in the forefront.
Sitting on the bench Litsezrev prisoner, one of the policemen slowly put down the sandwich, relaxed wiped his greasy sponge cloth, brushed crumbs from the sleeve, went to the camera. Wearing your short cropped head cap with a cockade, he lazily put his hand to the visor and mechanically said:
— Hello Fabian emperor Constantine Mlynarski. Podhorunzhy Nicephorus Sakalyuk, Minsk city police of the town, parcel number thirteen. You are detained in accordance with paragraph 24 of the Criminal Code, "driving while intoxicated," paragraph 10 "Destruction of or damage to urban property" and paragraph 9 of the "Destruction or damage to private property." Tribunal to your case is scheduled for March 28, 2008. In accordance with the law, at the time the court Vashets in detention, except for the scenario of bail in the amount of 10 thousand thalers. Vashets right to keep silence, and to make one call.
— D-let … Phone … — Constantine entire weight rested on the wall until police brought him the phone. Sounds came from military marches tele.
With trembling fingers poked Mlynarski by tail number. Hooters at the end of a second broke off bodrenkim ladies low voice.
— Listen! — Reads Rose Srebnikov, school friend, business partner and just "comrade" Constantine.
— Rose is Konstantin …
— What’s the matter? Where are you?
— I’m in the police … — In the room where the police were sitting, Constantine found eyes board with photos of criminals wanted. Above board hung a tremendous number "13" — Thirteenth site … I do not know where I left yesterday purse and Mobil …
— Damn. I knew that this would end. That’s just not enough. — There was a little pause, after which the voice of Roses sounded more optimistic and encouraging — Constantine, no need vpadablyatstsa Savoshnikavu. According to the latest least in this … In other words, in what is not needed.
— I know … — After migraine Mlynarski smiled
— Well, brother. I leave with you, I’ll be half an hour. Hopefully have time before the paparazzi. Hang in there.
On TV was a parade on Independence day. When Constantine again drew attention to telepryymach, were members of the elite special troop compartment named Bulak Balakhovich, with dark stripes in the form of a pirate "Joyous Roger" on the sleeves. Officers with swords, with ordinary South American machines. Behind them on the white prancing kaneh Hussars Cavalry Regiment Parade in the Reds uniforms, helmets and metal with stylized raised wings on their saddles. Before each department — stsyaganosets with standard. For hussars appeared in the square cadets Svyatageorgievskaga Vitebsk Russian cadet corps in greenish cap, under the banner and standard of the Orthodox with the double-headed eagle coat of arms with a non-existent country and the slogan "etc.? Roux and fatherland." Pure white parts tribute Guard that suddenly backed Belarusians in 1918, is a living embodiment pyachalnyh tragicomic and desires of the Russian intelligentsia free country, which has not appeared in the world.
Columns soldier marching on the background ensemble Simon Aleninskay estate — buildings "Minsk yugendstylyu" Seymovoy Palace. Later in the frame church arose Simon and Lena, and the column proceeded to Zakharjevskaya.
As usual, along with the days of celebrating the Independence day Belarusian unity March 26. Thus for This time coincided two anniversaries: 90 years of Independence and the 40th anniversary of the reunification of the BSSR with BNR.
"They divorced sovetchiny here with their advice. Never learned who else to discover who joined" hard squeeze Mlynarskaga thoughts in my head, the first historian of education. Police, by contrast, were ecstatic bolshennom yearly militaristic spectacle on TV.
Began performing the highest bald man in glasses with a generous mustache and muffled voice — BNR President, Dr. Russian literature Dr. Stanislav Lukashenko. Constantine became ill, he fell to his knees and managed to crawl to the toilet before they lose consciousness.
He ozdorovel when walked on TV documentary film. Demonstrated historical chronicle, black-and-white footage of the Belarusian-Belarusian war 1960-62, the release of Mogilev, the signing of the Act of March 26, 1968 Small male voice-over said: "In 1968, together with the final legal dissolution of the USSR, ended a protectorate of England Co-operative and the Belarusian People’s Republic over the former Byelorussian SSR. As Smolensk, Vitebsk and Mogilev provinces Eastern Belarus came in the Belorussian Republic after fifty years of partition. "
The footage awarding Winston Churchill Order Ephrosinya cross police switched to another channel on the "lottery Sowoschnikoff", where under grukayuchuyu music mustachioed kanferanse in tasteless striped tailcoat and bow tie went joked and took out the barrels with the number plates of the bag. Nomerki vysvyatlyalisya display, police busy watching them, abused and zvyarali combination on the display with your lottery tickets.
Mlynarski sat on the bench and leaned back.
Things went bad. Mlynarski, Srebnikov and their companions began the business of retail trade in his native Grodno immediately after graduation. For 10 years, their right of economic malehankih shop has grown to a network of 5 hypermarkets and Charnaruskim Polesskoe province. Everything was fine until they tried to enter the market Ming, crossed the road than most Vissarion Savoshnikavu — and such an act by some people used to cost lives.
Savoshnikav, named Baron, "the embodiment of the icon and business elite of Belarus in the 21st century," as he praised the government-controlled media, was the Belarusian financial magnate, vodka king and godfather Mozhdysk Smolensk-mafia. With red and yellow billboard marketing vodka "Vodka Sowoschnikoff" people watched himself the founder of the brand — short bobbed blue-eyed man of fifty-nag with a gray mustache, in an expensive suit, perfectly crisp white shirt with a huge gold ring on his finger. Measured, with a slight smirk look cool was that its owner did not seek a cheap price samastsverzhannya outer anger, but was able to without feeling just send their own hands or neck shot in the back of someone who commit offense in front of him.
All in Belarus was perfectly clear about the criminal origin of the starting capital Savoshnikava and that the true empire of his dirty business grew by smuggling weapons from the arsenals of the standing army of the republic of Karachai Metropolitan mazhagedam, drug and human trafficking in the vast countryside sinking into anarchy
former Russia. All knew about it, but no any action on this is not done. Great intuition inimitable charisma and communication capabilities Baron allowed to interfere though how attempts prosecution. He perfectly knew what kind of man must "work", that is not got a chance to develop. People Savoshnikava were the highest positions in the prosecutor’s office, police and courts. Baron himself, in spite of external psevdashlyahotnasts was controversial public figure and a great showman, who every month detained for drunk fights in casinos and fined for swearing live on television — in that he only gained immense popularity in the midst of all greedy for a cheap sensation Belarusian inhabitants .
Last sonorous adventure Savoshnikava was the creation of a political party "Movement for People’s Prosperity", which brash brawler mogul had a very great chance to get their own faction in the Diet.
Negotiations with Mlynarskim walked in the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel "Radisson Europa".
— And listen to me intently, Kostya, — a small pleasant voice with a slight Savoshnikava Eastern accent will melt the hearts of housewives and trembling legs made of old experienced bandits. — I drive by tlumachehi twice nerazumlivyh zhevrykav not like. We in Minsk for ordinary people already have stores "Owner Sowoschnikoff", and because you are my Konstantin Fedorovich, reflect againuh, really whether you want to open your own shop in Minsk-City. Excellent?
Delicate blue-gray eyes pierced sitting opposite Mlynarskaga. Comfortable smoked tsygaryla thick fingers Baron, quietly playing jazz band somewhere in the next room quite removed Savoshnikavym Baron watchmen in dark suits stood in each corner. Konstantin felt as if something grabs his throat and starts to choke. He took a sip of water.
— I realized — he said.
A week later, business grand opening stores "Mlynarski and partners" in Minsk, no matter what happened.
Whereupon Constantine began a series with what is not related problems.
Mlynarskaga house in the cottage realized Shabana strong fire which left from the buildings none remaining place. Minsk store network Mlynarskaga one week was robbed three times, the chief accountant, was beaten by unknown and got to the clinic. In all cases, the police had found not guilty.
A week later bagatatyrazhnyya Minsk yellowish newspaper group "Sowoschnikoff Media" came out of editorials devoted to exposing "travitselya Mlynarskaga" and sensational information about the origin and composition sold in Mlynarskaga economic glue, paints and doctors. This information was news to its technology and procurement professionals and control properties.

"Movement for People’s heyday" has launched a campaign "For social and majestic responsible business." Young apolitical life form began picketing hypermarket demanding its immediate closure. Picket was organized to fame: typagrafna written lovely banners, similar baseball caps, discreet pure white truck twice a ride demonstrators hot food.
Mlynarski partners and tried to defend himself, posted on the web real detailed chemical composition of their own products and painted the manufacturing process at a small distance away, the plot shown on national television. They served on the tribunal discredited their media, and even won several libel suits and have gained publikavannya rebuttal. Nationwide "Nasha Niva" and "Minsker Gesheftsblat" arranged thorough investigation articles and interviews with Mlynarskim.
But nothing to correct image-harm could no longer. Home all counties began to appear anonymous leaflets of the same content as the scandalous article. Business began to suffer severe loss, not only in Minsk, and on regional markets of old. As a result, on Friday March 21 Minsk Mlynarskaga shop was closed forever. Three follow a day or no one could get through to Constantine sarvavshagasya within three alcoholic spacing.
Znishtozhany, he lay at the moment on the dirty floor of the police station, just as it came from somewhere above the metallic voice of his girlfriend:
— Constantine went.
On the body lying on the floor in the office Zapyataev torn pants and blue shirt looking relaxed slim, sporty brunette with rather short hair, wearing jeans and a dark blouse. Outlines of face, as if a master sculptor chiseled granite, plastic graceful hands upertyya in hand.
Mlynarski awoke from slumber, reddish eyes turned around, he did not recognize the place where he was. Uncertain movements, he stood up, swaying slowly and walked away from the camera, supported and accompanied by Rosa mockingly indifferent gaze of the police.
They got into the car, and quickly rushed to the Dominican, later turned into Zakharjevskaya and moved towards the suburbs.
"Radio 102.1" aired last announcements: the end of the championship of Belarus Cup, where Brest "Pales" defeated Borisov "Dovidshtern" 3:2, new fighting in the Kuban-Circassian border and taking Stavropol Cossacks. Confident movement Rose switched to "Russian golos 98.4". Husky voice Ufa rocker Shevchuk proshibla tear — "And the evil in the filler stake checkers waved. Well, it’s always without Kulakov, shaking kultyashkami."
— All prasplyusya tomorrow and begin to act on kazimerchykavskim plan. — Constantine absolutely opened the window, the wind blew in his face.
— And what have Kazimerchik?
— He raised his bond. Last week, we discussed it with him. Baron will jam and it will beat him with his gun.
Rose silently watched the road.
— Ban Zdislav Kazimerchik rallies own people. — Continued to Constantine. — College friends, former colleagues on the police to one side. Nerastsisnutyh Savoshnikavym Minsk and Grodno entrepreneurs for monetary support — on the other. Inside the prosecutor will revolt against Savoshnikava
— What might be a rebellion, when the Attorney General Levin — Barons in-law?
— Levin will not interfere. Either get the following week in a car tragedy, he knows it.
Mlynarski pulled out of his pocket a crumpled pack of Dunhill. Dug out a cigarette, lit it, and continued:
— Later we outbid the highest criminal tribunal and tighten there Savoshnikava for poisoning banker Minkin.
— Well, well — Rose smiled ironically after a small pause — to drop Savoshnikava, you have found one of the few ordered murders in the country, for which he just not worth it?
— So what if it is not. But it has worked out the evidence base, and found witnesses zmantazhavany audio. Not turned this time. Savoshnikav always perfectly secured by their own sins, but impossible to insure against what you prescribe for someone else’s crime. — Constantine smiled triumphantly and looked at Rose. She led a silent car, not the person expressing any feelings.
— In the worst case Kazimerchik has the ability to, to eventually Savoshnikav and he went straight for Minkin. This, of course, extreme alternate scenario. But in any case, with savoshnikavshchynay need to finish once and for all.
Konstantin adgarnuvsya to the window, drag on his cigarette. A couple of minutes later, they went silent.
— And who are you then? — Rose asked in silence.
— What do you mean?
— About how you met with Kazimerchik "ending savoshnikavshchynay"
Konstantin dapaliv cigarette tail are pushed open the window, threw out apalak.
— You do not know, Rose. This is a unique chance to furtherdo it is unrealistic. How to you like the phrase "President of the Belarusian People’s Republic of Vissarion Savoshnikav"?
Rose was silent, the car braked at the traffic lights. On Mlynarskaga motionless eyes stared Mick Jager with posters that invite to a farewell concert tour Minsk Rolling Stones.
— I understand that it’s sinful ways. — Constantine Lips began Zdislav Kazimerchik read. — You know, I never in my life so not engaged and is not intended
to deal with. I am a man of peace, law-abiding businessman who in his life has not earned a penny in illegal ways and not give a dime bribes. But pragmatic judgments impartially time to act so specifically.
— And you seriously believe that you can beat Savoshnikava in his field, he rules in his game? Do you believe that he does not know already about your venture and not a trap prepared for you?
— Risk is the risk. — Pronunciation Mlynarski. — This menacing world where there is no place of grace and overpowered only naisilneyshy, bolder and smarter. We should try it, for us, for our business and for our country.
They have been closed for renovation neabarokavy State Library building, a large auto denouement, where the road turns off into the direction of the glass skyscrapers stopavyarhovyh downtown Minsk.
— And what do you think we will have after savoshnikavshchyny? Kazimerchykavshchyna?
— How to deal with the Baron, will thoroughly clean bureaucratic personnel. Kazimerchik contacted the Socialist world, they cook aaplet. Create an anti-corruption committee of the Government.
— For you yourself are not fun with what you said at the moment?
— Excellent, Rose, what do you suggest? — Constantine became irritated. — What do we do?
— I do not know.
Zakharievskaya street uniformly reincarnated in Smolensk tract, and the quadratic five-story building on the side of the road gave way to a comfortable katezhyki with manicured gardens. Quiet and measured Minsk suburbs lived his own life: housewives with children walking in the park, whose greens bolder and bolder awakened after a winter in the air could be heard ringing churches. Three million city lived vernal heat output funny day.
September-December 2007

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