Alexander Kozulin received three a day or freedom

Belarus-The political prisoner Alyaksandar Kazulin, 26Feb2008

Alexander Kozulin and his daughters Julia and Olga home
I remember the first words I heard from Kozulin:

"There were days when I received 200 letters. But not surprisingly, most of them were from other states. Belarusians have yet to wake up."
"Signed only" illegally sentenced A.Kozulin "
In Minsk Alexander Kozulin brought to everyday "Lada" colony chief Vitaly Ahnistsikau.
Even yesterday, the same police officer told reporters that he was preparing to leave refusal Kozulin, as he "had four disciplinary penalties."
Late in the evening he has already demonstrated the former presidential candidate own order on holiday.
"You can not imagine what was happening in the colony, — says Alexander Kozulin. — The colony was cordoned off by riot police everywhere inside Guard movement were banned."
Alexander Kozulin told how vyznat about death of his wife.

The 24th day of Vital Ahnistsikau summoned him for his office and showed a telegram. Earlier days of Alexander Kozulin asked to give him a phone to call home, but the phone "not found a". And he felt strshnuyu pain that could not even again Ira say words of support.
"I said," Everything! My wife stopped the disease, at the moment nothing restrains "and immediately went on hunger strike. Tore off all prison stripes and announced that more of them do not obey the order. Then wrote a statement about the hunger strike on 4 pages ex, where he explained it all: and about the illegal arrest and the need to go to the funeral of Ira. "

Belarus-The political prisoner Alyaksandar Kazulin, 26Feb2008

Interview for Radio Liberty
"My heart is broken by Ira"
Alexander Kozulin believes that his wife Ira "pushed to the last line power."
Initially, the fact that illegally arrested and condemned him as a presidential candidate in the year 2006.
"Alexander Lukashenko knew that she had was then sick, "- says the emperor Kozulin. In his view, Ira, left without him, "lost to the feelings of the forces that were needed to combat the disease."
The last straw, according to Alexander Kozulin was "trading", which Alexander Lukashenko said reversing week in Vitebsk. If the condition for the liberation and a meeting with a person who has cancer, the fourth stage, put both urgent departure abroad.
"If I’d asked me then azalatsits, would get rich, only to be pushed out of Belarus", — says Alexander Kozulin. These conditions th Ira Alexander disagreed. The tradeoff was that they would never meet again.
"It makes me heart broken," — says Kozulin.
"I’m in jail is more free than many on the loose"
Current Belarus Alexander Kozulin associated with the colony.
"Only this colony modern, upgraded, ruled by those who themselves povinet sins." Third letters at will and will not reach their destinations. Most of the complaints about the illegal acts of administration and sentences are there in the bullpen. Behind bars, many victims of police or prosecutorial additions, companies test. "Provoke the owner to realize some poppy heads, and later put on six years" — one of the prison stories encountered in Kozulin "Vitsba-3."
According to Alexander Kozulin him as a presidential candidate, it is useful to explore the other side of life that unfolds behind bars.

Belarus-The political prisoner Alyaksandar Kazulin, 26Feb2008
About for himself, he says that he was a free man. Punishment has passed, hunger, insulator, limiting his contacts with other prisoners, but he did not give up.
"No sign of pardon will never" — says Alexander Kozulin and he goes into the attack:
"During these three a day or will file on Lukashenko to the tribunal for moral harm my wife Ira."
Political prisoner also warns that it will continue the hunger strike in the colony.
"I will continue to hunger strike and seek not only their own liberation, and the release of Andrei Kim. Incidentally, he wrote me a lot of the colony, in absentia, we are perfectly familiar," — says Alexander Kozulin.
Awakened conscience?
Why the authorities have at least temporary relief of Alexander Kozulin?

Alexander Kozulin directly reads one:

Belarus-The political prisoner Alyaksandar Kazulin, 26Feb2008

Kozulin and his daughters at home while on vacation

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