Alexander Milinkevich visited Mogilev

In the village of Bolshaya Maschanitsa that Belynechey politician visited a local school and a kindergarten.
One of the organizers of the visit to Mogilev Milinkevich Grigory Kostusev said "Freedom" that favorite movement "For Freedom" gave the Belarusian language school books and sports equipment in the garden.
According to Gregory Kastusiou in Byalynichy in local home life Alexander Milinkevich pabachyvsya businessmen with which reads more than six hours.
On Shklovschine Milinkevich visited hitherto unfinished factory newsprint and talked residents of the village youth.
In Gorki, by Gregory Kostusev, Milinkevich talked with local businessmen. About half an hour began reversing his meeting with party activists and Goretskogo public organizations. At the meeting, there are about fifty people.
Grigory Kostusev states that from 10 am, Milinkevich’s visit to Mogilev began obstacles by the police has not happened.

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