Alexander Rahr: Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry met with the Office of Germany

Drakakhrust "How can explain new trials Minsk make dialogue with the West, with Europe, it is worth recalling here the sudden meeting with the German Ambassador, the release of Dmitry Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich, which the West considers political prisoners and the release of which is constantly maintained. Why is this happening?
After the December meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin seemed that between Minsk and Moscow entered a new "honeymoon", the cost of gas has risen slightly, was given a long-awaited big loan and promised more. It seemed that the project to improve relations with Europe has lost all possible enthusiasm for Minsk. But particularly at the moment Belarus is making steps forward, for which no one had gone all the past years of political courtship. Why? "

In the Belarusian leadership, there are two camps: one seeks to bring together the country with Russia, the other wants to do business with the European Union

Rahr: "I believe that already a year earlier controlled Belarusian President Lukashenko was decided to diversify its foreign policy of Belarus. Belarus under Lukashenko wants to fly to the 2-wings — European and Russian. Naturally, to Europe there are many unresolved issues and problems . EU does not want to approach with Belarus until Lukashenko stands at the head of an authoritarian regime. Meanwhile Lukashenko knows that if he is quite forthcoming will depend on Russia, from Russian economy, it will weaken his position. ‘Cause it seems to me, in the Belarusian leadership, there are two camps: one seeks to bring together the country with Russia, the other wants to do business with the EU. Both camps supported Lukashenko. Belarus to move it in One way, then in the other. But you can not say that such diplomacy is one hundred percent successful. The EU is ready to talk under certain conditions with Belarus. And the fact that the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs in These days are will be in Germany, will speak to management this country and through him — with the European Union indicates that the pro-European direction in the Belarusian foreign policy exists and receives more a reality. "
Drakakhrust: "The Emperor Rahr, I wish to clarify. Itself for itself European project official Minsk appeared after a very acute crisis between Belarus and Russia associated with the prices of gas and oil. In December last year after a meeting between Lukashenko and Putin seemed Our homeland that went to the harsh ‘harsh concessions Belarus. Why exactly at the moment when the euro project Tipo motive gone, Minsk shows a willingness to implement it? Maybe it’s due to the Russian presidential election? "

In Russia, the newcomer starts warming relative phase of the European Union, the United States, NATO and the West in general

Rahr: "This may be due to a lot of moments. Vo-1’s, I do not think that the entire foreign policy of Belarus should be reduced to oil and gas. Vo-2, Belarus has its own interests in Europe. B 3, You absolutely right remembered Russian elections. closely watched in the same Minsk can see that the presidential candidate Dmitry Medvedev did not scold the West, says the West only relatively nice things and the whole of his election campaign, if it can be call indicates that in Russia begins warming relative newcomer phase of the European Union, the United States, NATO and the West in general. Belarus unwilling to be between those 2 blocks. Because smart policy in Belarus are beginning to focus on the right steps on the European mainland. I I do not think Belarus already accurately determine in which direction it go. But this policy is "2-wings" after a year of tests, when it seemed that it would not be carried out, particularly at the moment to take shape. "
Drakakhrust: "Recently the December meeting of Lukashenka and Putin walked stubborn rumors that it will be declared a fundamental integration project. This has not happened. Of days there was a sudden meeting with Lukashenko in Sochi, Putin, Medvedev and Zubkov. The next day when Lukashenko arrived from Sochi, state BelTA news agency disseminated the results of a survey conducted by a presidential research center. According to this survey, the Belarusians did not tend to unite with its eastern neighbor. whether this information did not "release" the answer to any integration offers Moscow? In your opinion, at what point in Russian political agenda is the question a day or political union with Belarus, if it is there at all? "

Rf union with Belarus is unprofitable, it is very valuable

Rahr: "We can not say that in Russia there is a specific position on Belarus. They also have policies that adhere to, we can say the imperial point of view, according to which the Russian Federation should merge with the Slavic countries Belarus and Ukraine. But I do not think it is pre-emptive outlook control of. Putin himself tried to promote the idea of unification with Belarus first own first term. But during his second term he own this idea not vorachivalsya because quite close to reality appreciated that this is unrealistic. There is a very strong lobby in the Kremlin, learned that in capitalist assume means. & RF union with Belarus is unprofitable, it is very precious. Because in Russia still other plans for Belarus. merger And it long years will not go. But Our homeland is not willing to let any of Belarus NATO or the European Union. And therefore will seek to integrate Belarus into other structures, the Eurasian Economic Community, or even the Shanghai company cooperation.’ll see what will happen after the change of power in the Kremlin. I believe that relations between Belarus and Russia will be approximately the same like at the moment: quite warm, but allied in the full sense they can not be referred to as ".

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