Ambassadors wrote dictation Belarusian

Text dictation — an introduction to a collection of Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus."
Representatives of the European Union and the United States gathered in the office of the Belarusian Language Society to jointly write a dictation. On the form it was written "first dictation. BNR 90 years."
First, any of the ambassadors presented TBM single Belarusian poem. So Makar festival took place in the estate of the Belarusian poetry. Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Lubomir Rehak
explained to his role in the event:

Reads as chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of EnglandNigel Gould-Davies
"I basically wrote in an Englishwoman. Tried to translate … Well, you see, the British version. Heavy, heavy … not five, of course, but I try." Heads of diplomatic missions of Sweden Stefan Eriksson
"In our schools, for some reason, we often write tests, but from time to time dictation too. Belarus it mattersetsya often. I was curious. If this can be attract the attention of anyone with the language and he will think about it, I’ll be very happy. " Says counselor of the Embassy of the Czech RepublicGerzhman Chrome
"I taught at the Institute of the Belarusian language and come back up then, that more had read in Minsk Belarusian, and not in Russian. I believe that the Belarusian language more musical of all Slavic languages." Basil Trinity
also wrote a dictation:
"This is a symbolic act. Every day We hammered into their heads that this peasant language and it does not say anything clever, because the light of only two great speech. So this man said that neither the one nor the other does not know the language. We it must suffer silently.’s why I came. " Salting Ukraine Igor Likhovyi
expressed the hope that the situation with the use of the native language in Belarus will improve:
"I think it’s three whole tones. One call to my fellow citizens who are now far not all perfectly know and use every day of the Ukrainian language. Maybe second call for my fellow diplomats from other embassies in Minsk, and not the least it is the same signal for Belarusians, because without language there is no nation, no civilization and, in fact, there is no personality. "Ambassadors were that with pleasure participated in the event and she thought it impresses them. They expressed their desire and continue to participate in similar events. Tags:, TBM, ambassadors, dictation

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