Amnesty International: «My style Lukashenko will be able to do better actions

As stated in communication with the Air Force representative international human rights organization Amnesty International, Mike Blakemore, "if President of Belarus really wants to do better own style, something about it is his intention to utter more than deeds, not words, no matter how beautiful they were. "
By Bleykmara views, the Belarusian leader "must end harassment and detention of his enemy, release of political prisoners, and to make so that the country has abolished the death penalty"
According to British observers, Lukashenko seems to be the most difficult task of his career 66-year-old master of PR.
Lord Bell, who ran successfully election campaigns Margaret Thatcher, created a number of international campaigns style, met with the Belarusian ruler in Minsk last week. It was the correction of the odious reputation of Belarus.

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