Anastasia Slutskaya in Russia became Duchess Slutskaya

Since the presentation of the historical tape "Anastasia Slutskaya" 5 years have passed, but it is as before brings great dividends. However, not creators and actors, not the studio "BelarusFilm" and Russian distributors, which in a few thousand dollars have acquired exclusive rights to the tape and now sell it worldwide. Director Yuri Yalhov tried to focus attention on the problem of stakeholders. In response — silence:
"Sell our studio, then was director Shenko. What, in fact, the entire crime? Sold" Anastasia Slutskaya. "A month later came a letter from the company" Ekaterinburg Art ":" Please change the title of the movie with commercial reasons. "Studio agrees to say: changed as you wish. did you get, and you decide. Indeed, they have acquired exclusive rights. And it is very surprising why exclusive rights purchased for such a small amount? And now under another title belt they sell worldwide. unwind, made a strong advertising putting in a number of global masterpieces. Film naturally does not deserve it, but it’s up to traders, they were able to realize. really strong and earn a lot of money. Variously they say: three million, five, seven million dollars. brief earned. We removed the picture for a million and one uncle got a great deal. studio is not got nothing. "
V. Zametalin: "In the movie made millions"

Today’s CEO "Belarusfilm" Vladimir Zametalin knows about trying to promote their predecessors "Anastasia Slutskaya" on the film market.
"Film" Anastasia Slutskaya "is now called" Princess Slutskaya. "Naturally, they do not have the right to do so completely have no such opportunities."
Reporter: "The Belarusian side can try to improve the situation?"
Zametalin "Can experience, of course. And we are at the moment we do. But the fact that it was made three years back. All were produced by underground. Sold very cheaply at the cost of quite funny. Russians currently on Movie have millions, we have such information. "
Reporter: "And who are still povinet that movie so cheaply sold?"
"It’s not my problem, realize? Funny day I do today and the future. A past not do."
Film Critic Maxim FThe Bank does not believe that such a scandalous situation, you can find the last:

"Who would do this? Well, certainly prior management studio. Fact that only at the moment they are, including Zametalin begin to deal with the rights of the author. And by that time there was some kind of absolute gibberish, do anything. Topics more so, those were the years when, in principle, we have no one shot and did not earn. Because this budget even funny, and there was in the amount of nearly a million bucks, all small budget put some fruit. Frankly, I doubt that here you can find some tips for someone to take responsibility. Pretty sure that such will not. likely will shift to each other, swinging on the brakes. "

Yu.Yalhov "for some reason it seems that Lukashenko does not know"

Now refreshed kinabrend sold under the mark "Made in Russia". How could it happen that removed the municipal order and under the patronage of Alexander Lukashenko’s film works to personal pocket in Russia? Yuri Yalhov convinced that without "rollback paw" there has not been:

If the agreement has been said that the title has changed, and now is not sold "Anastasia Slutskaya" and "Princess Slutskaya" then sure, could be a means

"A movie filmed on Lukashenko funds from its budget fund. Other words, the allocation of funds was the prerogative of the president. Some reason I think that Lukashenko does not know, as bureaucrats is carefully concealed from him. Vyznat If he is not excluded the situation would be changed. Though nothing can not be changed: the term of the contract came out, the contract was signed until 2007. If the agreement stated that the title has changed, and now is not sold "Anastasia Slutskaya" and "Princess Slutskaya" then sure, could be money. And here not only unprofessional sold. Common sense shows another all made intentionally, for sure, for some sort of fee. substantiate this is unrealistic, but the fact crime is clear: the contract is concluded for one title, and sold another name . With the consent of the studio. "

Svetlana Zelenkovskaya
, Artist starring Anastasia Slutskaya:
"In fact, I’m sad for all that relates to the tape. Either that our can not sell it, but now I’m the leading man, I can not buy anywhere tape simply to give someone. Necessary to go to Moscow to buy this tape. At us it is not sold on any media. "
Reporter: "Who povinet that happen?"
"What are you asking such questions actress, then you contact me uttered, for me it’s new. I played a major role, has received a certain amount of the fee. And what next? I hire, the rest do not. Hunt as an actress I buy a movie on DVD or at least the tape. And I can not find anything in their own country. Yet it is the only recognizable movies Belarus. "
Reporter: "To sell a civilized manner, it still would not have dividends …"
"When I signed the contract, did not sign that I will receive dividends. Subscribe to the fact that the role and fulfill my shooting day and will cost as much. All. Already 5 years have passed from this movie, and I care what happens to me Currently active ".

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