Anti-US steps Minsk shows dedication Moscow

United States until recently had hoped that the Belarusian authorities will make concessions — at least, unleash Kozulin

These questions are answered analyst Vladimir Rovdo.
Tsigankov"Can we say that today the official Minsk steps — it forced response to the actions of the South American government? Or, in your opinion, particularly Minsk itself inflames the conflict?"
Rovdo: "I think the United States had hoped to the last that the Belarusian authorities to make concessions — at least, to release Kozulin. How can realize such hints informally committed. But if Minsk showed its firm position Kozulin and sent back to prison, the United States was In a certain sense a state defrauded country.
Washington decided, in my opinion, completely reasonable decision related to economic factors, which are quite painful for certain circles in Minsk. It is, in my opinion, due to the personal interests of Lukashenko. And so — so nervous reaction of the Belarusian authorities, because they implied that always will go "promises to feed." And if it works with Europe, the United States did not work with. "
Tsigankov: "Segodnyaschy reaction Minsk — just as in the form of a need to react, to give an answer, there is some kind of strategy?"
Rovdo: "If we talk about any long-term tasks, then there is a certain strategic line is. There is nothing new Minsk does not — they show devotion to anti-American policy. And this demonstration — west towards Moscow, look, they say, we remain the most loyal allies, and so let us offset our costs. And second — together with the U.S., they began immediately to play European and Russian card ".

They show devotion to anti-American policy. And this demonstration — west towards Moscow

Tsigankov: "Neuzh something really amuses Minsk hopes for yourself or the illusion that he can break a single western approach to the Belarusian problem?"
Rovdo: "They basically nothing to do but lay overcome in this game. But such hopes there are certain grounds. There is certain personal enthusiasm different European circles that there is already established cooperation, business and wish to expand it. And they want to be here a measured political situation, which in particular does not change. Lukashenko For them — not the enemy, and not such a terrible politician, you can put up with him, to do certain business. Lukashenko on this wheel and guided. "

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