Applicants meeting in Baranovichi cause to the tribunal on February 18

Recall entrepreneurs Baranavichi apply for the February 11 rally protest Decree number 760. Authorities forbade this action. But entrepreneurs, as planned, held a rally.
The representative of the City Council invited the protesters to come on February 13 in one of the premises of the City Council to discuss the situation. At this meeting, businessmen decided take the role of in shares on February 18 in Minsk, also come on February 22 Tribunal over favorite entrepreneurial movement in Baranovichi Nicholas CHERNOUSOV. But now sovereign CHERNOUSOV policeman brought the latest agenda, in referred to, that he should appear before the Tribunal at 9:00 on February 18.
Sovereign Chernous said:
"It made in order to landing NOT landed in Minsk. They knew that many will go to the rally in Minsk. But at the moment 100 people must be go to the tribunal in Baranovichi. "

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