Arrested Homel activist Andrei Tsyanyuta

Andrew Tsyanyuta told the court that he was arrested yesterday around 8:00 pm. According to the boy, he met on the street in civil unknown. One of them fell off and started yelling that his opposition Tipo knocks. Here there were policemen and detained youth.
At a hearing attended by a relative convicted Maria Tsyanyuta. She elaborates:
"Andrew said that it was a provocation special services. Arbitrator asked:" And what attitude to have special services for you? "Andrew explained:" March 25 in Minsk will Freedom day. I was going to participate. Because me and grabbed. "
Earlier in Gomel was arrested opposition activist Konstantin Zhukovsky. In the city park he gave people greeting cards to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Human rights activist Leonid Sudalenka believes that such makarom begin preventive arrests recently on March 25:
"In such a scheme Vladimir Katsora three times already planted. At the entrance of strangers come up to him and asked, or smoke, or even what, and later yelled:" Why are you hitting me! "Here the police appeared and, as usual, they were in favor of witnesses in court. And there it is regarded as ordinary hooliganism. "
Despite the harassment by the police, Homel opposition members say the intention take the role of in action on March 25.

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