Art Exhibition What Dreams May Come?

The exhibition is devoted to the coming of spring and the first vernal prazdnichkom — March 8. Hence the principles of selection: artwork must be unique, beautiful, and philosophical the most important thing — certainly positive. Knows the art Olesya Romaniuk:
"The artists were asked the theme of dreams. Generally, the title of the exhibition -" What Dreams May Come. "Here we we see, that someone from painters dreams of the sea — so it and build, with golden sand, blue water. Someone dreams of summer someone — of spring … "
Reporter: "Someone — about the beautiful ladies …"
"One of the beautiful ladies, someone — on the beautiful hostesses and professional, someone — the children … In other words, there really shows dream, dream Belarusian painters. And they — nature such thin, spicy, sensual, and who, if not them, to reveal such dreams of grandeur, malyavnichastsi? "
Each guest was greeted by a violinist and mime, each had to take the role of in developing a common vernal blades — pendlem draw and paint, for example, though a flower. Conversing with visitors:
"On Actually there are many decent pictures, the whole atmosphere is not bad. I no longer liked the statue and pupae. Very fine! Maybe so looks paradise. "
"Art is very exciting. Very badher mood reigns here at the show. Hunting adore, adore whole world. Prazdnichka feeling, in fact. Feels coming spring. On the street, maybe not as yet — there is rain. A sunny here. "
The exhibition presents paintings, statue, arts and crafts, dolls. Many works, genre and technique which very hard find — let it be referred to the author or mixed media. Creators of art exhibitions knows Olesya Romaniuk:
"The exhibition connects voedinyzhdy about 20 painters — modern Belarusian painters, architects, puppeteers. Middle of creators — and recognized artists: Olga Schlegel, Lena Luzán Grigory Nesterov, Ruslan Vashkevich Sergei Rimashevsky and youth — Lena Ivanova, Ekaterina Zantaryya Anna Starovojtova" .

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