Artistic events for the anniversary of the BNR

In the Minsk office BPF an evening concert in memory of Constantine Kalinowski on the anniversary of the catastrophic death fighter for freedom March 21, 1864. It is also one of a series of artistic events for the anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of, so Kastus Kalinowski — one of those people, who approached BNR says BPF activist youth Franak Vyachorka:
"The current party dedicated Kalinouski Constantine, the man who preceded BNR. Tomorrow adbudetststsa opening of the exhibition of the creative association" Chase "until March 25. Also tomorrow, invite youth and all Belarusians take the role of in sightseeing excursions BNR in Minsk. Collect in 12 hours near the monument to Yanka Kupala. "
Tomorrow friends memorial section of the Society for Protection of Monuments commemorate the founders of the BNR and visited places associated with this event. In honor of March 25 held nationwide on Sunday dictation. In Minsk from 11 am to 18 pm, it will be held at the Company’s estates whiteRussian language and BPF, reads one of the initiators of the action Presenter:
"Every hour written dictation. Later — a poetic representation: will read poems dedicated dictation. After — a mini-press conference for journalists. Believers — Catholics and Protestants, who celebrate Easter can come in mon in the Palace of Arts. 16:30 There’s a dictation will write members "homeland" and painters "Chase."
Recently the Institute for Public BNR anniversary memory holds a festive meeting. It uganaruyuts public activists who were noted in perpetuating the memory of politically repressed. And the most significant action should be a procession to the monument of Belarusian writers and historical buildings associated with BNR March 25, although Minsk city executive committee never gave permission for this route. Says co-chairman of the organizing committee of celebration, painter Alexei Marochkin:
"We must honor our shrines, which are embodied in the monuments. Is this crime? Enough already walking different paths. We emphasize that this is a peaceful march. And we do not want to, so we are attacked, that rend our flags. Especially since portraits, because many of our people will go with the portraits of Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, aunts, Maxim Bogdanovich and others. By As the last, I think that March 25 will be held worthy to be civilized and beautiful. "

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