As health Kozulin, who forgives the president?

February 28 last presidential candidate, political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin urged the opposition to negotiate with the authorities and to find a way in order to preserve the independence of the country and build a democratic Belarus. Review our listener:
Victor: "I do not agree with Kozulin. When will sit down with Lukashenko, then this in itself admits that he — and legitimate president elected under the law. Whole world it does not recognize the president and with him at the table does not sit down. "
February 28 Alexander Kozulin also said he forgave Alexander Lukashenko. "I forgive him all that survived our family. We all walk under God and must hope that it will," — said the politician.
Man: "I’m interested in how health Kozulin, who forgives the president."
Up comments Nina Shydlouskaya, spokesman Alexander Kozulin during 2006 election campaign:
"Kozulin during this catastrophic situation in the family was and still is (I witness it) is completely adequate person. Physical health, especially after a long hunger strike, it is rather complicated. Bring him where he is unlikely to be able to post such load. But psychologically it is completely balanced person who knows what he says and making and answering for his actions and words. That he forgave Lukashenko, it is not a hand held out for some kind of friendship. It’s faster divine forgiveness if guilty before you’ll forgive. "
Number "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52 continue to be compassionate in connection with the death of Ira Kazulina. February 27 she was buried in the cemetery of the village Tarasava near Minsk.
Vladimir, a victim of Stalin’s repressions of 1937-38., Minsk: "I’m speaking on a day or. Freedom to Kazulin! My deepest sympathy to him on the occasion of the loss of a loved one — the wife of Ira. Freedom to Kazulin!"
Archbishop Yuri first (Auburn) "South American World patriarchy is their compassion for Alexander Kozulin about death of his wife. And best of all the whole family Ira Kazulina. May the Lord is with you."
Now we also received these calls:
Lady: "planned provocation to shove Alexander Kozulin in jail, isolated from society at the moment unscrew completely different: his stick abroad and keep in Belarus. And he gave people. Just to resist. Belarus plainclothes war goes , like on the outside cover. And this war increasingly tough. People on the verge of patience. Belarusians still suffering. How Long? Maybe God is departed? "

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