Attack helicopter WZ-10 for China drafted a CB Kamov

Chinese attack helicopter WZ-10 was built by the Russian project 941, developed in 1995, writes This was stated by the chief designer of "Kamov" Sergei Mikheev at the show Heli-Expo, held in Las Vegas from 4 to 7 March.

He said the design of the helicopter was conducted on behalf of the Government of China in accordance with the requirements for aircraft weighing 6 tons. "For obvious reasons, this information was kept secret", — Sergei Mikheyev.

The project is 941 lay down a project of another attack helicopter being developed for the Armed Forces of the USSR. The helicopter was 941, according to Sergei Mikheev, was carried out only in accordance with the requirements of China's weight and flight characteristics of the device. Russian participation in the creation of WZ-10 was limited to the design of the machine. Flight test prototypes and production machines China has already built their own, as well as producing the finalization of the project.

"I wish you good luck this helicopter", — said Sergei Mikheyev, refusing to name the technical characteristics of the machine. Earlier, the Chinese company CAIC stated that WZ-10 attack helicopter is the first Chinese design.


Other sources of the information set out somewhat differently.

The blog Ares on Defense Online Aviationweek reported that gen.konstruktor JSC "Kamov" Sergei Mikheev at the show Heli-Expo in Las Vegas, said that the appearance of the concept of the new helicopter was designed by Kamov designers in 1995. commissioned by China, called 941. Then, in China, on the basis of this concept created a combat helicopter Z-10/WZ-10, which is somewhere in 2010 went into production in the last couple of years has been actively applied to adopt the PLA army aviation.

Precise information on theflightglobal is as follows:

According to Mikheev, in 1995 at the request of the Chinese government's preliminary design was created by a helicopter in the 6-ton class, which was not based on any Soviet attack helicopters and carried out strictly under the Chinese side provided unique requirements. Upon completion of the design and testing, the project was handed over to the customer on this contract has been completed and the "Kamov" in the further development work on the helicopter Z-10 did not participate. Subsequently, says Mikheev, to honor the country, the Chinese designers themselves had other development activities, including the creation of prototypes and start flying them into production. Next Mikheev wished success to the helicopter, and as for the question about the characteristics of the helicopter, he said that this issue should ask the Chinese, because he knows what he was doing.




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