Automatic pistol CP 1mp «Gyurza»

Automatic pistol CP 1mp
9-mm semi-automatic pistol CP 1M «Gyurza» created in TSNIITOCHMASH designer Peter Serdyukov. Gun is designed for employees and special forces designed to defeat enemy soldier wearing body armor or in the cabs of vehicles, radar systems and antennas or rocket bodies.

Automation «Gyurza» works in the recoil energy at a small gate during trunk. Locking and unlocking the gate bore is assisted with shuttle clips. Shock-type firing mechanism with open trigger location, double act allows shooting with cocking and self-cocking. Submission spring cartridges, removable box magazine of 18 rounds, located in the pistol grip.

 Automatic pistol CP 1mp

Protection from accidental discharge is carried out 2 automatic fuses: some of them are located on the rear of the pistol handle overlaps sear second, placed on the trigger and blocks it. Sighting device consists of a rear sight and front sight located on the gate. The frame is made of gun Armamid with fittings, which significantly reduce the weight of the gun and its price.

CP 1M gun specifically designed chambered inflated efficiency 9×21. Cartridge SP-10 includes a bullet shell with tungsten carbide core. 100 meters SP-10 bullet pierces body armor guaranteed to class III, and at a distance of 70 meters the cylinder head of a vehicle. Cartridge SP-11 is equipped with a bullet shell with lead core. Cartridge SP-12 — bullet expansive act. Cartridge SP-13 — with armor-piercing tracer bullet.

Automatic pistol CP 1mp

Two-independent fuse make gun harmless and allow open fire simultaneously. When changing the store, there is an automatic chambering a cartridge in the chamber. Controls are designed for right and left hand. On the front of the trigger guard has a notch for the convenience aimed fire with 2-hand.

The last modification of the gun «Gyurza» CP 1mp can attach red dot scope, laser pointer, tactical flashlight. There is also a silencer. It allows the soldier of a special unit to conduct hidden fire, not pretending to sound and flash shots.

Chuck, mm 9×21
Index cartridges JS10, JS11, SP12, 7N28, 7N29, 7BT3
Weight pistol with magazine, unloaded, kg 0.9
Length of gun, mm 200
Magazine capacity, rds. 18
The initial speed of a bullet 420 m / sec
Sighting range, m 100
Rate of fire, rds. / Min. 40

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