Autukhovich joined the hunger strike in solidarity with Kozulin

Avtukhovich Pronunciation our Radio, the main thing to drink once a day more than 3 liters. water, so that the first three weeks feel more or less normal. Do yourself Vawkavysk Starving unwilling anyone read about their own choice, because "can not realize," he said.
Autukhovich released from prison in Minsk N1 two months back. Released but not released, he said. He softened the punishment for restriction of liberty without sending in prisons open, because he is at home, but must report to the police and to keep the respective mode. Sentence political prisoner completed within one year and three and a half months. (He was imprisoned for three and a half years on charges of tax evasion large size).
For leniency Autukhovich should work and he got a driver. But on April 1, his wish to dismiss as the work associated with official travel in Grodno and other places, and the police would not let him out of Vawkavysk.

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