Autukhovich not allowed to work as a taxi driver

Autukhovich frequently inspect the police, and he works in the firm "Nika-Taxi 22222." It thirteen machines. Taxi that belonged Autukhovich confiscated, but some cars left his wife Lena.
"I think just the driver. Taxi driver I was not allowed to work, because I mode, after nineteen hours I must be Housing. I was not allowed to travel on any terrain Vawkavysk work in any way. At the weekend days are generally not allowed me to leave the house on Saturday and Sunday, and in the solemnities the Days ".

I am considered a driver. Taxi driver I was not allowed to work, because I mode, after nineteen hours I should be home

In May last year Autukhovich expected to change the punishment — the so-called "parole". But it made the report Tipo for disorderly conduct. And although the Tribunal considered the case to be minor at the premature release of documents compiled Autuhovich were not.
While Avtukhovich was in the bullpen, and his car — under arrest Vawkavysk, new taxis are more of them. Avtukhovich reached the highest level of service, it is now all share, they say in the town. That outlook 1st of inhabitants:
Man: "For while he struggled up the new company. Needs to be given tribute that he once roused all. Without Autuhovich would not have these other companies. His case was delivered, all cooperated, dispatching service worked perfectly."
Autukhovich daughter Katya This year graduated from high school, the total score of the certificate — almost 10. But get within applets Kalinowski to study in Poland, she could not.

"Icing her programmke Kalinowski. Untested, drove to the office, the interview took place. And later pronounced: for you are under 18 years of age. "
Come study in Belarusian universities was too late, and now Kate home. How to think Autukhovich act on?

"Now I want to send it to Poland for the preliminary course, well," nulevku. " WithI do everything Probably visa done within a month all dares. But seriously, no matter where you tap, all closed. "
Autukhovich planted in 2006 to three and a half years on charges of tax evasion and a large amount of entrepreneurial activity without registration, without a license. Behind bars businessman spent a little more than 2 years. During the investigation, trial and then he was on hunger strike protest. At first, until there was a consequence, he reached the to be transferred from the detention facility under house arrest in Vaŭkavysk. But the other day the court he fled and was arrested two months later in Minsk where he was hiding.

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