Autukhovich wants to return honor and property

Autukhovich was arrested on October 14 2005. His accused of tax evasion and sentenced to three and a half  years in prison in maximum security prison with confiscation of property and the prohibition on business for 5 years. Through half term  sign the measure was changed to hard labor. In an open letter to his compatriots Autukhovich to thank everyone who wrote him letters of support while he was in prison, and reports of the intention to return to honor themselves and the property that has been selected by the court. He says that this intention is not the only — we have numerous associates.


For starters, says of Avtukhovich he wants to appeal the sentence prescribed by law described scheme. If this does not help, there are other acts.


And is there any intention to justify his innocence in other political prisoners, who not so long ago were released?

Andrei Klimov, sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for internet publication was released a week reversed  presidential decree of pardon. And consider this point in the conflict between him and the authorities:

"My family and I are satisfied with the president’s decision on my question. I  wrote a clemency petition. Me  pardoned. This means that exhausted itself in dispute. Between us already no nedagavoranastsyav on those charges, which were heard in court. And taking into account that the release of my undeniable, I have no complaints. "
The creator of the Christian Democratic Party Seviarynets Paul was sentenced to three years of imprisonment (Chemistry) for the company shares protest falsification of the parliamentary elections and referendum 2004.  Given the amnesty period was reduced to two years. Paul views on the struggle for their rights — the duty of every Christian believer."I personally do not intend to prosecute those who were involved in repression to me. Of those same Christian judgment: do not judge — and no criminal record will be. But as for fight for their rights, then it is the duty of every believer and a citizen. Who does not advocate a sinner. "

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