Autukhovich works driver

It continues the tradition of his office cab, he had to enter into. Find a job he owed under the terms of leniency.
Do Autukhovich configuration in the labor room: on the wall appeared artistic composition with white-red-white flag and emblem of "The Chase". He reports that the current time is the driver, however, does not carry passengers. Funds have not yet received, but will be three thousand rubles.
"Under the guise of" "Nika-taxi" at the moment goes 31 machine — more than was once his own. All machines his former phone number — "22222." However, steel cab save reads Avtukhovich.Avtukhovich
"Now is the time when people always went well, winter. They should ride, but they do not drive, people now can not afford. We drove better why? Since the city is located near the border, people who traveled to Poland could earn. At the moment, "closed" Poland, people in general can not afford. "

While he was sitting in jail, inmates Vawkavysk not abandoned taxi "22222."

When in town, it became clear that Autukhovich released, people began to call more.Avtukhovich
"People support, even managers saw when I was released, and in the town, it became clear that Autukhovich released, people just become more calls."
Earlier Autukhovich was 25 taxi.Avtukhovich
"There was one metalazlom: two years when I was in jail when they were arrested, drawing attention to the, put under the fence. What may happen with the machine, if it stood two years all akislilasya, gum soured flowed there. This is the cemetery . "
Only 5 of the old cars as before travel. In the national income, according to the court, will be picked up nine cars.Avtukhovich
"They came to pick up, they say: you we restore it, restore it. And I say to them now, throw everything and still be money to invest. Neitherwhat to do I will not. They were on the move, there are responsible people who saw them in storage, they will be responsible for it. "

Autukhovich (right) and his employee Yuri Leonov. They were put together, sire Leonov spent behind bars 18 months, he removed the remainder of the term
Who should Avtukhovich twice per month report to the police, stay at home 19 hours before 6 am, when he needs to be out traveling certificates.
Autukhovich changed opinion on the restriction of freedom of the place of residence. He was imprisoned for three and a half years on charges of tax evasion in especially large size and for translating business without registration, without a license. Behind bars businessman spent a little more than 2 years. Except cars Autukhovich, the national income will be taken also part of his estate: apartment, warehouses, Pavilion on the forecourt. Implement them from the auction, scheduled for March 28. Tags: Autukhovich, Leonov, taxi

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