Average wages in January fell by 30 thousand

Tsigankov: "In recent years, the average monthly wage is constantly increased in that or other degree. It seems the first time he fell, though outright on 30 thousand? As this harsh reality? "
Zaleski: "When was the gas crisis of the late 2006, raised the question of how it will affect the population? And here’s my forecast was such that it takes its toll in 9 months. So it came about, and maybe I’m mistaken for a month — after October 2007 started falling real earnings. In other words, nominal still increased, but food prices have already eaten this unimportant growth.
But now come to the point that the company was so weak that he could not afford to pay even nominal wages at the level of the previous month. Naturally, the first month of the year is not always the most successful — there is less work. But a reduction of 30 thousand — it’s 15 bucks, and they are 15 bucks in America.
Tsigankov: "As with viewpoint this trend looks prospect sacred number 500 bucks? Specifically, this should be a salary until 2010 .. "
Zaleski: "I do not doubt for a single moment. Maybe — and will! — Certainly reached. The problem is not in how much to pay wages, and how much of it to pick up later reversed. If done, for example, real prices for communal, for what people now pay 34 percent, you can even now pay 500 bucks. "
Tsigankov: "But if you say, raise wages not so difficult, why the government is going to fall in wages. Neuzh that management does not fear the social consequences? "
Zaleski: "Apparently, it is not afraid. After all, it not so noticeable. It is still more painful impact on the poorest. Prior to this, on every tenth family that poverty. These feel. That’s when it will attract more .. But it will not be pulled. Enterprises will receive credit and will pay the funds as necessary to ensure that all was quiet and relaxed. After the elections in the same This year! "

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