B. Haretski: Legends of Protestants — Russian stereotypes

Like most of the leaders of the Young, Boris is a believer Protestant church. Boris believes that with the filing of the ideological vertical believers evangelists spread various rumors and legends. What specifically?
Gorki: "I was raised in an Orthodox family, but at a certain time lost contact with the church. Among other so that as a parishioner never experienced such verbal contact with what is actually saying is happening on services. Somehow my friend invited Dashkevich in a Protestant church. There really felt the spirit when people pray ideas that come to them will scent — so there is a possibility makarom turn to the Lord as a friend. "
Ulitenok "So makarom — about the legends and superstitions associated with evangelical churches, the Protestant movement. We begin with the vserasprostranennogo Bible you, Boris, not like at all … "
Gorki: "Many of the Russian still time really believe that the Protestants in general and evangelical churches use the Bible with a specially modified texts. But most of the evangelical community have nothing to do with publishing — books we get in those Orthodox church and shops. Because this is not a myth allowed to exist. Like others, virtually endorsed current official ideology. "
Ulitenok: "For example, from time to time they say that, that evangelical churches ("Look what palaces!") Is there not every member holding a cash report to the pastor, so that people regularly paid so referred tithe … "
Gorki: "Perhaps nowhere is there any compulsory payments, at least in our church. Whoever wants sacrifices voluntarily. Especially since no completely no reporting on how much you earned and gave to the faith. Under no circumstances one does not count the money and does not record. "
Ulitenok: "Mit once: in your church matched pairs of young people, and so to speak, marriages are not already in heaven, and in the walls of the temple. Again, not true? "
Gorki: "And in this respect nothing Protestants do not differ from the Orthodox or Catholics. The decision about who you’re going to build his life, certainly is dependent on one’s own. "
Ulitenok: "The other day, a day or Valentine’s reasonable question: how are you, Boris, with love, family?"
Gorki: "With regard to the latter, to be honest, I do not think about it. However, I think at some point it will come to be completely normal. "

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