B.Khamaida: You should join the white-red-white marathon

Khamaida: A few weeks back the Miron, posted a white-red-white flag, he noted that begins white-red-white marathon dedicated to the greatest prazdnichkom — the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of Belarusian People Republic. It would be great if this idea and the initiative was seized by nationwide. To begin posting a white-red-white flags, white-red-white lights, flowers … To remind: Belarus — is. State color — lives. Language — lives. That would be very cool.
Correspondent You personally which means today, prazdnichek this?
Khamaida: This is the greatest prazdnichek, I believe — the 90th anniversary of the BNR. I’ll meet him the other day at the "Blue House" [building in the center of Vitebsk] — where I’ll write the first nationwide dictation. Well, on the 25th I’ll be in a white-red-white colors. Where myself — until I can not say.

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