Bald Mountain

Now located on Bald Mountain Elizabethan courtyard of the monastery. But the glory of Bald Mountain bad as before.
In past times, pochetaemye listeners, we broke up in the village on Zhukavets Dolginovsky tract. Talking about the times Kupala ancient Maria knows about the current times. And most of sore dilemma neighborhood.

Mary: "And now men are evil. Each other not love, evil. "
Reporter: "And why are they evil?"
Mary: "Yes, certainly, God gave. Right now the thief wanted to strangle me."
Reporter: "Yes?"
Maria: "Through the fence jumped. I say," I’m not alone. "And I do not have anybody." I’ve got a — I say — the grandson and granddaughter. "How well he spoke then jumped over the fence backwards. And subsequent night, these two houses were attacked. "
Reporter: "And what did it? Guzzler?"
Maria: "Thieves. Jailers. Immediately we monks on Bald Mountain. They take these prison. They drink, do not wish to walk and robbed. Here we have four houses on the mountain paabirali."
Reporter: "They hunt in retirement?"
Maria: "Retire pick up, destroy it. And what did do? Two Grannies destroyed, rovnenko put — and lie."
Reporter: "Where is it?"
Maria: "The village is not far from here. Shall come, strangled, and all. Terribly live here. Stroll bandits NIGHT MODE."
Intrigued lysagorskimi bandits who sheltered church, I went to that Bald Mountain. But on the way decided to stop in Matzke. Knowing about the existence of those old wood church cemeteries. Top Matsko, admirayuchay tiny village, stands a real palace. Of reddish brick, three stories high, with gabled façades. The owner of this Baskerville Hall — Matsko leader, Vladimir Matusevich farmer, 50-year-old bearded man with strong stitching look, I have not met very gently.

Vladimir: "medals are needed? Order? What for you older? What do you want to find out? Machine you have such nezhurnalistskaya." Volga "such sticky."
Surprised by my estimation such an old "Volga", I handed the owner of the estate license Writers’ Union. That led to new questions. In care and elder abaznanastsi matskovskamu not refuse.

Vladimir: "Alliance of Writers"? This is what the Alliance writers? This Pan general? "
Only calling your name, I finally took all the questions. Thank medium wave radio "Freedom". Emperor Vladimir escorted me to the remains of Trinity Church, whose grayish walls hold only with God’s help.

Vladimir: "Here she was brightly colored. There were plenty of wood sculptures of gods. Students who came to potatoes, these gods have abandoned. Sneered and all that. "
Reporter: "And what did they say no-but-I-ay?"
Vladimir: "Someone drove vodka here. Okolesinu took. "
Vladimir Matusevich engaged in farming for 20 years. Previously walked into the sea fishing. Is that why on earth he stands firmly and does not live by bread alone only?
Vladimir: "The past year — the struggle for the Belarusian language. Wrote fatigued. My tenure called" name "MATUSEVICH." I was the first farmer. For these years had to go through four re-registration. I’m up to This time all wrote on Russian language. Now rested, said that the Belarusian will write. And my troubles began. Went to the executive committee, and there zasranka small — "I will not read." "There is a law, you dishonor my language. Read. "" Well, then I’ll read the dictionary. Long, long time. "Their forms are not present even in the Belarusian language. Forced translate into Russian the word" estate ". I say" MATUSEVICH manor. "I say, we have a group" Siabry. "They are not written — ensemble" Friends. "Well, write me so." MATUSEVICH Manor. "
Reporter: "So you have overcome?"
Vladimir: "overpowered".
Follow stop in front of Bald Mountain — Village Lekaravka. My companion — 80-year-old Vasily Denisevich. Old very beautiful, similar to the actor Solomon Mikhoels.

Reporter: "What was your Lekaravka nice, how did such a title?"
Basil: "We grow all sorts of herbs pharmaceutical. And then the doctor lived. That doctor has long been lost, and the title is left."
But most importantly, what was known to the entire district Lekaravka is his moonshine. Also, incidentally, medication.
Basil: "The varieties were naturally. Taking rye, prarastsits yes add potatoes, not a bad brew. Better than Magazyn at the moment. And who add sugar, so it’s not that."
Reporter: "And what is better, or moonshine vodka?"
Basil: "Moonshine better. Only that good moonshine. He is healthy. Chemistry There is added. A natural here. Bread, rye, potatoes. States Masherov — he did not drink vodka gamazeya, just moonshine."
Basil: "You’d better write about today. Was at Yuzufove clinic. Closed. Old people need to drive as much in Borovliany. As previously although there were benefits to the bus routes. And now these benefits have closed, and how you want."
Bald Mountain is for Lekaravkay. And only about one kilometer and still pass the forest pavkilyametra clearly left of the road. Second adjustment point Belarus — clearing of forests. Among the woody glades hammered count with inscription "Bless the Lord of Belarus." A windbreak around fallen trees. That certainly adds mistychnastsi.

Bald Mountain — a small village. Its a couple of streets surrounded by colorful zigzag hills. The village is almost extinct. Most of its current residents — those who are usually called bums and pests. Here is subsistence farming of St Elisabeth Convent. Big farm, 3-storey building, a large refectory. Insignificant tramps can find here housing, food, jobs and the opportunity to pray. I went to the farm. And the first person who got to me, now almost homeless. Young, handsome young man in a biker jacket carried the cows feed.

Young Man: "I have already two years I go to the monasteries. "
Reporter: "I was told, that there collect the homeless … "
Young Man: "Well, as collected. They are, in principle, come themselves. Merciful Father people. He sees all. Important that people work. Can see a large area."
Reporter: "Do you live here as a monk?"
Young Man: "Yes. Work and pray. As in the monastery. We cut off from the world."
Reporter: "Did you deliberately chose this path? Away from the world?"
Young Man: "Yes."
Reporter: "Why?"
Young Man: "I believed in God, 15 years. After the tragedy visited and stayed alive. In the harsh tragedy. By car crashed with my dad. And in the world of life did not work. At work, it was bad, bad family. Reversing the world bothered me for 27 years. I myself decided that for me it will be better. Prayer, work … "

Behind the village, built a stately temple. Its blue dome visible from afar. Next to the church — a luxurious 3-storey building, similar to the sanatorium. Near a large refectory. Honestly, it does not go to any comparison with the city flophouse. Neuzh something and get away with this advise? I talk with community elder brother, Alexander. This forty-year rangy man with sad eyes for a couple of years living on a farmstead.
Alexander: "The main people come all with one goal — to survive. Stay a while, a month, two, three. Aklyamatstsa and then go again. During the winter 50 people come. Parasite will not keep anybody. If a man came and landed on knees to the father. "Father, save. I can not perish. Neither the means nor home, no family, no fatherland, no flag. Share what nibudt! "-" Well, go on a farmstead, there you will be saved. "
Reporter: "How are you were? Young, healthy person, then you wandered, drunk, were sitting in the slammer?"
Alexander: "Everything. Was one family. Two-family, three-family. Propyl all gave away everything. A himself on the street."
Reporter: "I’m just starting to respect the Orthodox Church, which makes things like that …"
Alexander: "Just getting nasty when someone starts to condemn sisters church. You bitch, bastard last came here barely alive, rose and developing indoor mucky. People live on the body. Double rooms, home cinema. Only works" .
We talk to the kennel guard dogs. Here they are grown for sale. There is even such a service as a dog hotel. For urban residents who have nowhere to put your own pet on vacation. Behind bars window greets me big dog.

Reporter: "And so what I’m not attracted to you? What are you looking at me like you’re lying?"
Alexander: "What are you doing here, and in general, who you are? Why come?"
Reporter: "The Hound of the Baskervilles."
Alexander offered me along like cells.
Alexander: "Dogs that are trained, they just bite and ran off and expect. And these, they immediately … If we went to the man, then …"
Reporter: "On the death?"
Alexander: "Yes."
Reporter: "This is excellent or bad?"
Alexander: "It’s okay. Here these dogs until needed. As if pavpadvorya perepet, take knives …"

Marveled at the four-legged friends who ran along the railway grid, I could not help appreciated her height. And so posoboleznoval zhukavskim grandmothers have what no such protection.

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