Basil Trinity: Freedom Day — it prazdnichek soul!

Trinity"You must be a in today happy, happy, happy! Rejoice that prazdnichek — there! Rejoice that people — live! I. .. everything comes, everything comes naturally! You just need to celebrate and invite your own friends to join this prazdnichkom too. After all, it — prazdnichek large. Celebrate: drink vodka, so go to the girls, if a man or go to his friends, if it’s a woman … In short, as all svyatkuyutstsa prazdnichkom. As the New Year is celebrated, for example, is celebrated as Ladies’ day …
Freedom day is Freedom day. Any attributes not produced now, behold, the scheme as something that’s recommended, but should celebrate every year and established tradition. Drink, sing, dance, relax — as statedcamping, feel prazdnichek soul … If prazdnichek in the shower, people always will find how to celebrate, as noted. That’s all — solid improvisation everyone. If he’s glad he’s happy, he will find some color and for the soul. "
Correspondent"You personally prazdnichek this is what?"
Trinity"How many know — 20 years — this is prazdnichkom soul. This — a lot."

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