Bees in Yuratishki become more brutal

Lady: "The geographical location is not bad — on the way to Oszmiana, Minsk, Grodno …"
This is from the little to boast in Yuratishki. On all fronts indicated can only be reached by train. Bus stop here because it is unprofitable closed several years ago. The same name as the railway station with cheaper tickets — on the rise. The last year celebrated its centenary. Its staff have gained so long ago, so here stayed on two minutes fast train "Moscow — Grodno." In Minsk, he was just three hours. Historical surprises in metal road shared Vladimir Kroutikov, chairman of the Department of BPF Lida. He offered to accompany me because Yuratishki spent his childhood and youth, and his father was the chief of the local railway station.

Kroutikov: "When the Emperor Alexander II in 1878 built this metal road from Grodno to Maladziechna dvyuhkaleynaya road was paved. When the Bolsheviks came in 39th, one track from Grodno to station Gavya dismantled. Promised that reinstated two years later. But and did not — has been more than 60 years. We live worse than during the reign … "(laughs)
We are gentle, svezhapafarbavanym station building Yuratishki station. Station serves 10 people. Eleventh — head, 61-year-old sovereign Zyanyuk — time of my trip finished the last day before retirement. He informs:
Zyanyuk "Yuratishki Serves 4 customers — association" Mastadrev "Ivie forestry, Lida branch association of bakeries" Garodnyasyalo "- ship sugar. Volumes growing annually by 7% … "
Retired Nikolai thinks tightly engage in beekeeping. Has 24 hives from which to collect tons of honey a year. But soon, he says, with local bees is something strange.
Zyanyuk: "Bees have become more aggressive. Prior to that, did not sting, and now need to put on as it should. Seized as a hostess that died. Was not breeding, and from the intersection of different bees managed mutation …"
In interlocutor fate quite common for western Belarusian.
Zyanyuk: "All relatives in Poland — one went to the 45th, the other in the 52nd. I come to them — I think as stateds will? And they clean in Belarusian — so we can not. My father stayed to guard the land — who thought that so many years collective will? (Laughs.) Land now nobody needs, and then! A youth in the villages do not. Fertility zero. On my street in the same house pensioner, in another, the subsequent empty. Day you get up in the winter — no trace, not counting the dogs … "
Gorposelok 4 km from the station. On the way we meet 76-year-old Mrs. Mary Pilevskuyu, former teacher of arithmetic. Her pension — 400 thousand. For some reason convinced:
Pilevskaya "added as well — prices grow We used to live — as it is, there it is. Privileges are not taken advantage of — great medication for their not allowed. Corvalolum And what I buy, and so …"
Heading to the sovereign Wroblewski, whose Yuratishki everyone knows. He worked as director of the evening school. Local historian, writes in the local press. With a smirk calls itself ally of Yeltsin and Gorbachev, too, with the 1931 birth. In general, states that typically has a democratic beliefs. And more …
Wroblewski, "The Maid of Orleans was in France — so I was born 500 years after her …"
Valentin Antonovich saddles own beloved skate — says the accumulations of local history material.
Wroblewski: "Yuratishki — a very ancient settlement. Clear there built the first chapel — 1532. Lined Albrecht Gashtold tycoon, Chancellor ON that kept printing. Title comes from the Lithuanian" yuratas "- rusalnitsa. Mythological girls, down from fish tail that sang beautifully, especially on Midsummer — we still refer Rusallyami. Earlier there were many lakes — now quagmire. bolts were inhabited. Because we have a lot of names have Baltic origin — Nadzeyka, Nareyko, maybe more Gashtold the same … "
Wroblewski face sovereign way, as perhaps in all, with whom met darkened when we start talking about the current state settlement.
Wroblewski: "In recent years, closed car park, bakery, pramkambinat a little breathing plant vegetables, more or less works woodshop. Bytkambinatse In only one person with the ritual services … "

Reporter: "Why split up?"
Wroblewski: "Nerentabelnasts. Nyavygadnasts. In This year agrogorodok will. My world — it is empty. Funds released huge — I do not know how they are distributed. The more we write about reviving villages, the more they fall … "
Match your local dairy, which here with Leshoz called "the most successful" now. The small one-story building work already … 9 people. Talk to one master separator shop, Ms. Maria Alyantsinovich.
Alyantsinovich: "Milk comes in us 40 tons per day, summer eightieth winter low wages — 300-400, and in the summer — 600-700. We only store milk — processing no no. Agrogorodok’s promise …"
Reporter: "Do you believe in agro?"
Alyantsinovich: "I believe. Maybe building tint. More than anything …"
In small, Tipo, town, yet, 27 streets and alleys. But the three-story, by local standards, high school skyscraper seen from afar. 20 years ago, 800 students were enrolled there at the moment — a bit more than 300. White teacher meets usRussian language Lena DUNICH. Immediately — the changes that occur.

DUNICH: "Have patsyasnitstsa because agrogorodok, kindergarten, school of arts wish to transfer. And we have classes for 11 people …"
Lena P. together with a number of teachers comes in single Yuratishki in a political campaign — the pro-public association "Snow White Rus". Asked how the volunteer was the entry, lowers her eyes in embarrassment.
DUNICH: "We have been offered — I do not know …" (Usmihaetstsa.)
And Mrs. Lena — the wife of the farmer’s only Yuratishki DUNICH Anatolia. Although farming is 10 years old, wife pessimistic about economic prospects.
DUNICH: "Very bad land. Kamenica — once a year, remove the stones, but go, like dragons’ teeth. From 15 to 20 quintals per hectare — a very bad collection. On such land will not become rich, but it’ll be hooked. Harvester does not work. Fuel precious, auto parts — people shall be removed from the earth … "
Reporter: "Yuratishki die?"
DUNICH: "Certainly. No companies to could stay home to build. This village — people say the Belarusian language in the house … "
Seeking the street with 15-year-old Sergei Sheiko, Avgenya Kaydisam yes Victor winter.
Reporter: "Do you think whether to stay flee?
Men: "Certainly, stay — here birthplace used to.’ll Work, that means earning …"
Reporter: "You have the same unemployment …"
Men: "In forestry. There father does, earns good — under 800 thousand … You can go and unlearn in the town, and then come back here …"
Reporter: "I ran into 3 main Yuratsishak patriots?"
Men: "Certainly …" (Smyayutstsa.)
44% of the land around the settlement — the forest. But work in the forestry obviously not lure women — 11 class graduates Tatiana Kaspiarovich and Catherine Kaplyad.
Maid: "I’m going to Minsk, in gymnastic Institute … In Yuratishki hurt — notwhat to do … "
On the way to the station I talk about the results of traveling with a companion — the members of the BPF Vladimir Krutikova.
Kroutikov: "It’s a shame, sad … Neuzh it is impossible to give companies incentives to make work people? See, most massive undertaking — 9 people! Yuratishk
i In more than half the population is buildable. Others that — take to drink, steal! Cooking for migrant workers foreign countries? Neuzh something hard to Shuflyu someone who wants to earn 10 thousand on road repairs? Small towns do not have to disappear. We can not all go to a major city. Their culture is preserved Belarusian traditions. Here people that have consciousness, the Belarusian language sounds — everything that lives Belarus … "

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