Belarus celebrate the Resurrection of Christ

The temples have been solemn worship, and in every church in the afternoon the celebratory procession.

"All I wish for you happiness, joy and abundant grace of the risen rescuer. Risen Christ: Christ is risen! Christ is Risen!"
I talk with people who came to the procession and the first morning Mass:
Reporter: "Why did you come so early in the church?"
Lady: "We come every year — so we have a tradition. Our fathers walked, and we go. "
Reporter: "What do you prazdnichek this?"
Lady: "Greatest prazdnichek" the most fundamental. "
Guy: "Very much reverence soul when we go when the bells toll. It is very early, many are not very religious people asleep. And so let them know that Christ is risen. "

"I never beheld such happy days, as now, as I live. Priest Gennady congratulated each, with every goodbye personally. First time is on my life, and my already 81. Suppose dear God give him health — such a great priest."
Marchenko family came to the first morning Mass with the whole family:
Reporter: "What do you present day and prazdnichek in this parish? "

Congratulations to the resurrection of Christ the parish Moms God Rosary Gennady Kukharevich congratulated our listeners"All listeners wish to make the most cordial wishes, health, God blagaslavlennya. Suppose risen Christ enters the life of each of us, let dostuchitsya to our hearts. May Christ, who came from the dead, give us the strength pavstvats of sin to death of this life. I wish also, that Christ from the dead rebels gave peace and joy that she gave strength to fight. After all, our life — it is a struggle: for faith, for love, for the truth. Again all the best. "Tags:, Kondrusiewicz, church, Easter

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