Belarus does not have the term poverty, there is poor

Head of inclusive analysis and coordination of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Misha Druzik reads as follows:

"We try to be honest, from that period, such as poverty, leave. In the regulatory framework passes we term" malazabyaspechanasts. "Aspect determined subsistence wage (224,700 rubles was, and from November will be a small increase). 7 3% of the population in the first half. believed Belarus in terms of welfare looks more or less decently. Poor level decreases from year to year. "

So makarom, According to official statistics, 7.3% of the population are poor. Ex-Minister of Labour, and now deputy director of the registered independent in Vilnius Institute of Socio-economic and political research Alexander Sasnou not agree in Belarus No definition of "poverty" and "poverty":

"The poverty line is. She called small subsistence wage. According to recent polls independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research (as it was in September), those receiving per capita in the family size is less than the minimum subsistence budget — in other words up to 230 thousand rubles (it is about 110 dollars) — as much as 14.5%. People expressed themselves so. "

Reporter: "This is significantly different from the official statistics — there is 7.3%."

"Well, the official statistics … How to readand once: is heresy, heresy has bad, and there are statistics. "

According to the UN Millennium Declaration, poverty — income less than 1 dollar a day per person. But not so long ago, Global Bank has revised these rules states Victor Radivinovski, in the Department of disk imaging Consulate Office in Belarus:

"At the moment it is not one dollar, one dollar and 25 cents. Belarus looks good in the midst of other CIS countries: here about 0.5% of the population has an income of less than 1, 25 bucks, 2.5% — least 2 bucks a day. But because the world is not a very good view. "

Poverty — is not only a shortage of funds. Now the concept of poverty — a "limited ability to realize the potential of man, due to the lack of work, a comfortable home … Poverty — is powerless before the external event, lack of voice in public affairs, a sense of horror and bezabaronnastsi, limited ability to participate in the democratic process," — noted in materials Consulate Office in Belarus.

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