Belarus grows by unpaid bank loans

Many credit the band, first for individuals collapsed. Most commercial banks stopped issuing car loans and long-term mortgage loans. Institutions that as before advertise their services, have dramatically increased the interest rates on loans. "Reciprocity" and responsible consumers — fixed more when people are not able to do live up to their financial obligations once.
During the 2007 —2008s in Belarus has been steady "credit boom". Relatively constant revenues have allowed Belarusians join davneshnemu merits of civilization — to live on credit, not having sufficient available funds. Currently almost 90% share of construction is carried out by means of bank loans, more than 60% of new cars bought in installments. Not inferior to them in the popularity of consumer loans, small business development, studies, etc. Only one bank "Moscow-Minsk" marked and other consumer lines already produced 40 thousand credit cards.
But due to the crisis, which has paralyzed many of the economic sphere over Worldwide, soon Belarusian banks often refuse clients in lending than give the nod to cooperation. Professional in the real estate industry Eugene Kashevsky states that one of the reasons — doubt kredytazdolnastsi population. A few weeks has been a trend for the delay of the timing of payments of certain agreements, and even the inability to pay a certain portion of people in general:
"Failure to return first connected with loans for the construction of dwellings. People recruited credits built apartment when prices rose — in

At today’s prices, even accrued bank interest is not compensated.

hopes that they will be able to build a more expensive apartment and resell after. And at this point in connection with the crisis in the market stagnation. In other words, real estate prices and a depreciating braked. Naturally, people expected ability to realize an apartment, and they are not sold for the amount for which the borrower currently planned. It turns out that even at today’s prices accrued bank interest will not be compensated, on current trends, the property will only fall in value. On the other hand, not with the bank razlichyvshysya realize apartment unreal. In other words, if a person takes a loan car, he realizes she in any case it will be cheaper. A housing taken in the hope that it will only get more expensive. Many people actually take loans against the same dwelling. "
In connection with the negative trends in the financial market, many banks stopped lending to the most needed areas. First it concerns real estate construction and acquisition of high-value products.
In-2, instead of the usual not so long ago some currency loans institutions offer ruble candidacy, but under very different interests. For example, loans to purchase cars in Belarusian rubles — by 19-21% per annum. And a few months back the same credit could take in dollars at 12.5%. By the way, car loans, which expanded very soon, also defected to banks’ risk. " One of the favorites in this market — "Belgazprombank" — last week completed such services in general.
Experts explain the situation that if the loan for the construction of an apartment is generally long and kazhdomesyachnye payments are not as sensitive, then pay for the latest or not quite an old machine must be in 3-5 years, and usually, the amount of payment vary within the limits of 300-400 bucks every month regardless on the model. What was even lifting a little earlier, now the buyer bears the burden of harsh.
Past Managing Belarusian auto federation founder special newspaper "Avtadayzhest" Anatoly Shevchenko says that in the current situation the new car is becoming more luxury — to put a considerable amount of funds will be able to live except one, while most have not yet sees the ability to borrow at the new rates:
"Even those who took loans earlier (I know a lot of cases), not all of them have to pay. And at the moment there is a wave — it evenly for a day

At the moment, there is a wave — it evenly over day funny day intensifies — delinquency.

days are amplified — delinquency. You yourself are aware of: just take the money, give always difficult. Yet until this wave is small, but I did not know one case where the people can not pay off the loans. Pinned their hopes on the measured earnings prospects at work. But with the change of the economic criterion is not all return to the bank means that panabrali at interest. In the auto industry, the machine is not 2-3 thousand dollars, it is seen more as car loans received massive temper. Conditions, even those that were, as we now realize — were softer. And we had hoped that even softened. In fact, it turned out that they have become much more stringent. And hardly anyone will be able to change the situation, so that the loans were cheaper or at least remained at the same level. "
Global crisis significantly expands the scope of consumer credit. Now economic adviser of the Russian embassy in Minsk Andrei Kuznetsov said that monetary crisis affects the requirements for granting Russian stabilization loan to Belarus. Technical details are not specified, but it is argued that "changed conditions verbovaniya credit resources on the world market." Recall Minsk Moscow asks a loan of 2 billion dollars. In Last year Belarus has already received from the Russian Federation in the lucrative criteria 1.5 billion dollars.

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