Belarus is ready to declare the U.S. ambassador persona non grata

Does the United States have introduced new sanctions against Belarus, salting why U.S. did not immediately left after advice from Belarus Belarusian Foreign Ministry, as agreed upon by the South American and European policy towards Belarus?
Correspondent"Does the U.S. explanation of the Ministry of money, made March 6, 2008, the extension of sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "introduced by the Government of the United States November 13, 2007?"
Kramer"March 6, the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions explanation available, and it seems that the government of Belarus took it as additional sanctions. As someone looks at it, I suppose. If Belarus wants to interpret it in such a Makarov, and it will interpret it.
It was not novavvedennyya sanctions, it was an explanation of the sanctions that were introduced earlier.
The purpose of these sanctions — to show that the United States are serious about their own appeal to the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners. "
Correspondent"The first reaction of State Department spokesman Thomas Casey was the statement that salting Stewart obviously leave Belarus, if the Belarusian authorities do not want to build it. Later he said that salting remains in Belarus, while Washington will teach situation, March 12, Mrs. Stewart said that still go to Washington. How justified that salting U.S. left Belarus did not immediately after it is recommended Belarusian authorities? "
Kramer"If the government of Belarus informed us about his decision, the wording was used:" We advise bezotstupno pickling Stewart was called for consultations in Washington. "
They also recalled its own ambassador, this decision was fully Belarusian side. We do not vyturali Hvactova ambassador, he was always a desirable person in us. Between us were numerous benevolent debate for many years.
At first we thought their demarche recommendation, as they used the word. We did not consider them as a requirement or an ultimatum.
But on Tuesday, we learned that they had in mind, it was practically an ultimatum. Ambassador Stuart gave almost 24 hours to travel to Washington for consultations. In case of failure, it would have been declared persona non grata.
And we felt that we should not create a conflict escalation. We withdrew it on counseling to prevent a very dramatic step that the Belarusian side would do.
, We hope that the emperor and Tails, and Mrs. Stewart will return to the country of residence as soon as possible. Also, we hope that the Government of Belarus to release Alexander Kozulin as quickly as possible so we can begin a constructive dialogue with the government. We will not engage in dialogue with this state until Kozulin will remain in the bullpen. But if he is released, and this condition is small, the United States wholeheartedly ready to start a dialogue about the positive way forward, so were the next steps towards the liberalization in Belarus, in exchange for a positive response from the United States.
I know from my consultations with allies in the European Union in Brussels today that the European Union if released Kozulin will also act in the same way. "
Correspondent"In an interview with Belarusian BelaPAN You stated that the purpose of the imposition of sanctions against Belarus was the unwillingness of the Belarusian authorities to release Alexander Kozulin. Accomplished in January meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with German Ambassador Gebhardam Weiss, during which reportedly open a discussion problem release Kozulin. In February foreign minister Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov held talks in Berlin with German Foreign control. As concerted efforts to release Kozulin between Washington and Berlin? "
Kramer"Certainly, we coordinated efforts and consulted with all our allies, including with the Germans. Both we and the European Union, and Germany have clearly realize that the decision to go to Germany to be a personal decision only sovereign Kozulin. Was not created situation in which it would be the only opportunity for him to get out of jail.
Salting Tails explained to me that Kozulin unleash only on the condition that he agree to exile in Germany. I said tail to salting Stewart explained to his Belarusian government interlocutors in Minsk, which is unacceptable solution to the problem. And my German colleagues had read the same Belarusian bureaucrats. "
Correspondent"In Belarus, criminal cases with political motives against Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich. Either assign the United States attention to these matters, whether they will be forgotten when, say, Alexander Kozulin be released?"
Kramer"On the first question, I’ll answer that we are looking for their fate. Regarding the second question — we will not forget about them. Affected the United States both in business contacts with the Belarusian authorities. They did not appear in the initial list of six persons which we considered political prisoners, compiled in conjunction with the European Union and various human rights groups in Belarus. These two fundamental things, we look after them very carefully and very clearly gave the authorities realize that after the liberation of the six political prisoners their camera shall not be filled by other political prisoners. They either other political prisoners must not enter the bullpen. "
Correspondent"According to our disk imaging, MFA claimed to reduce the staff of the South American Embassy in Minsk. How can you to comment on this message?"
Kramer"We are in the process of figuring out what steps the Belarusian authorities decide to do. I hope that the Belarusian government is not interested in an escalation of tensions with the United States because it would be a big mistake." Tags: Kozulin, USA, Stuart Cramer, conflict, diplomatic, non, grata, Belarus

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