Belarus laments the U.S. at the UN

It requests that as an official document of the General Assembly statement of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Belarus. This document concerns the introduction of the United States of additional measures against "Belneftekhim" concern.
Consular officer of the United Nations in Belarus Viktor Radivinovski explains, has a similar right no matter what the country of those that belong to the UN:
"This time From time to time there. Any country which may extend their offers or demands in the midst of delegates to the General Session. This — Techno, a common phenomenon when a country wishes to tell delegates that a deal took place. But it will not be a gun put to the UN Committee, no. "
Gennady Buraukin in time led constant Consulate of Belarus to the United Nations in New York. He argues that such a document is not usually drags any severe consequences:
"In principle, it is of no consequence can not have. It’s just, speak out so that information. Information that take note. Either someone may want to raise the issue for discussion.
But, in fact, this document can be viewed as a press release. It is clear that, if the country is such a document, it considers it necessary to bring this to the attention of others. But if the right to determine the status of this document, it is something like a press release. "
Political analyst Alexander clarifies Klaskouski new steps official Minsk public relations purposes:
"It is clear that the statement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry did not gain a huge international resonance, as it" utopnet "in UN bureaucratic procedures. But it will provide an opportunity to clarify the Belarusian electorate that the entire international community is concerned that the global hegemon presses on a small proud republic.
In connection with this wish direct attention the fact that the Belarusian president yesterday met with the head of the British public relations agency. And it is very symptomatic. It seems that as hard to solve real contradictions in the international arena, the direction is taken to ensure that draw a pretty picture. "
After the introduction of the U.S. economic sanctions against municipal concern "Belneftekhim" Belarusian authorities recalled from Washington for consultations own ambassador Misha Khvostova. Through several days U.S. salting Karen Stewart also went to Washington for consultations.

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