Belarusian army lacks the opposition?

Opposition activist currently serves parts of railway troops in Zhlobin. It is possible that after three months the number of conscripted opposition will grow. Expelled several students have already received a summons to the recruitment office.
Complaint of the former student, now an ordinary train troops Dmitry Zhaleznichenka referee Jeanne Andreichik make out. Dmitry Zhaleznichenka repeated appeals against exclusion from the Gomel Medical Institute. First time he was expelled in Last year in December, returned later, but first year and again expelled few days already drafted. Served as a fighter?
Zhlobinsky activist Marat Afanasyev three times already visited Dmitry army. States that have no special configurations: kinamehanikam his work as promised, has not yet appointed a guy accustomed to military orders himself, and get used to it:
"He was quite cheerful. States that continues to make, that he gave orders for Belarusian and he speaks only in Belarusian. States will continue to fight."
After another call number of the opposition in the Belarusian army can Strength. On days of honey commission summoned Russian military enlistment office youth activists Franak Vyachorka and Anton Kalinowski. Both recently expelled from Belarusian Tipo Municipal Institute for absenteeism. Explain the omissions that were arrested for opposition activities. I called the acting Russian commissar district of Minsk Vladimir Yaqin to confirm these details. Here is a piece of our conversation:
"Though some who will be dismissed from the institute, called for medical examination when it come time to serve in the army."
Reporter: "But why so fast? Almost passed several days, agenda and has sent. "
"You read our laws."
Reporter: "They they say that they caused this day recruits with names on little letters" B "and" K "- just bukovkoy them. "
"WhenWhat does the bukovkoy? "
Reporter: "A lot of recruits summoned along with them?"
"It’s not is discussed."
Reporter: "At least say they are not alone?"
"No, of course. Preparations for the planned recruitment into armed forces, according to the law. "
As the activists commented that the draft board called the children only their little letters "B" and "K"? Franak Vyachorka:
"Of course, that can cause several letters, but some sample letters of weird. It is against the rules of the alphabet. If it’s a coincidence, it is very tough."
According to Lieutenant Colonel Yatsyna when recruits Vyachorka and Kalinowski will deemed worthy for reason of health, they are called in the army in the summer.

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