Belarusian artist famous portraits of Lukashenko

Creator — a graduate of the art school, 26-year-old Belarusian Marina Naprushkina.
Naprushkina Marina was born in 1981 in Minsk. Immediately finished art school named Glebova. Since 2000 he has been living and studying in Germany. Initially, the Academy of Art in Karlsruhe, then — in Frankfurt am Main in the prestigious art school Staedelschule higher.
Unusual manner in Naprushkina time saw the prestigious Frankfurt gallerist Udo Bakmyul. The first time he met with the work of the young artist on vernisazhy Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe. Gallery U -7 winner became the first individual exhibition organizer Marina Naprushkina, which was accomplished in 2005 and had the title of "My President."
Paintings and installations, the main character of which is the President Lukashenko, later exhibited in many prestigious galleries in Germany, also shows other Western states.
As reported in the Swedish critic "when artists write dictators, they work with certain aesthetic standards and such makarom reflect a certain ideology. Artistic image becomes a means of displaying any other, more sheltered phenomena. Through pictures Marina Naprushkina viewer looks as if the inner life of this former Soviet country. "
Own brain hero Naprushkina writes in the style of socialist realism — against the background of their beloved characters, as the church, the army, athletes, kids. Working on paintings, uses about the same Soup that famous Russian painters, who at one time renders the atmosphere of party caucuses and conventions. According to the canons of the Stalinist art, specifically such works makes sense so called "Dabratvornastsi life" or "real human happiness."
It is possible that in some spectators painting "My President" may cause approximately the same feelings ..
Gallerist Bakmyul notes some creative progress Marina Naprushkina and other students and graduates who participated in the exhibition in Frankfurt Staedelschule.
By him, "Graduate work Staedelschule make extraordinary memory. So portraits of the President cause a lot of discussion. Many argue: it is — a symbol of patriotic reverence or drama? Everything is depending on the interpretation and, obviously, having a sense of humor."
According to the German gallery owners, Belarus remained surprisingly not enough monuments of socialist realism. Is that statue in the Palace of Trade Unions in Minsk. It is unclear where the missing are popular once popularly girls with oars or sculptures of athletes and pioneers? Just a few 10’s of years ago, they were decorated almost every park or square, — the Germans are puzzled. Now these exhibits retro could cause some enthusiasm. In this sense, the picture Naprushkina "My President" is a reminder of forgotten genres and traditions. "
Paintings and installation Marina Naprushkina can look here and here

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