Belarusian confused direction on the German autobahn

31-year-old Belarusian went on his own truck to the side of the town Bilefeld that in North Rhine-Westphalia. Systematically prevent police about what he confused the track, the driver did not respond.
Machines that went towards the Belarusian car, should make every effort to evade. Belarusian times evaded, he later began to use the fast lane.
In the end, the German police had temporarily block traffic on the autobahn. The driver braked only after, as traffic police, which went in the same direction, but on the reverse side of the road, began active signals and gestures.
As it turned out, the driver was intoxicated. During the detention, he even resisted. Research vehicle, the police had found traces of the freshest tragedy. All incidents will be found out. Driver awaiting trial.

Tags: road, nyamechyna

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