Belarusian mentality is not typical vindictiveness

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Now employees of the Ministry of Interior noted Prof. prazdnichek — day police. Our listener critical of the activities of the security forces
Victor: "As for law enforcement agencies Lukashenko, etc., but not Belarus. Neuzh it is not clear in Belarus not law enforcement, in other words, the prosecutor’s office, the court, the time in the form of armed forces police and secret police. First they make punitive functions. And if the case is opened, the first roughly punished, that others feared. People against the punitive organs lose the case. If you play on the inhumane, their rules, you lose. "
Continuing the theme — a call:
Tina: "The love of liberty — is the love of people. A love of power — it’s self-esteem."
On March 2, the RF presidential elections were held. New head adjacent country became the candidate of the "United RF" Dmitry Medvedev, who was supported by Vladimir Putin.
Ilya Kopil: "After listening to the answers RF CEC chairman Churov questions leading transmission" Looking Out "on channel RTVi, I concluded that Churov — it Yarmoshina exclusively in trousers. Some listeners" Liberty "in ecstasy on how elections were held in Russia. I think that there, as in Belarus, no elections. If Putin supported Bogdanov, it would not have received 1% and 71% of the vote. Thank you for your attention. "
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We extend the program from such calls:
Palakin, military retiree, Minsk: "At the funeral, his own beloved sovereign Kozulin Ira said:" My family — all of Belarus! "In these words of respect and love for each citizen own country. Compare these words with the words of man with 2 higher educations: "crummy fleas", "thugs", "grunt my trough", "found in the garbage," etc..
Belarusian mentality is not characteristic of vindictiveness, a desire to humiliate a man, mix it with mucky.
Over a thousand years of history have suffered from wars Belarusians. They need to live in peace. "
Lady: "Finally revealed the true face of Alexander Kozulin, who began his political activity with the lies and deception of the whole people, when in the election declaration made himself poor, counting on the protection, trust and support. Did not work. Now it became clear that Kozulin previously planned sham divorce, wills and all the property for the spouse.
By this action, he only confirmed his involvement in the lawlessness. After identifying these manipulations and hooliganism during the campaign Kazulina need to sit quietly and not to make any claims against the government and even more so to the president. "
Expressions listener commented last member of the House of Representatives, member of the parliamentary group "Respublika", Alexander Kozulin colleague Sergei Skrabets:
"After Kozulin as against a criminal case, all the property, even two-bedroom apartment can be confiscated. Kozulin, that was where to live daughters and wife, rewrote all the property on the spouse. It was such a need, because we do when there is pressure from the authorities, he goes for everyone: relatives, friends, relatives. As for the charges of disorderly conduct, then there is no reason. This was read as his lawyers. International Society recognized him as a prisoner of conscience. Our power makes all, order to defame political opponents. Because I is not surprising that the call to "Freedom."

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