Belarusian opposition met with Foreign Minister of Poland

Personal meeting invitation received Vintsuk Vyachorka, Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Kalyakin, Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly Lewkowicz, Alexander Milinkevich Paul Seviarynets. Recall, this meeting will take place after, as the Council of the European Union in Luxembourg to discuss the situation in Belarus. Ibid adopted the decision to stop for six months sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and several Belarusian officials. Favourite of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich about the purpose of the meeting with the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs said:

"I think that the work begun by the European Union, is just beginning. Indeed question about dialogue and stepping closer relations between Belarus and the European Union. In the economic sphere first. And here is only getting started. Certainly, you must create steps to be make the Belarusian side, the European side. And since Poland — a country active in this work, such consultation is very important. "
Yesterday, visiting the memorial "Yama" in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview with reporters that the dialogue with the European Union lifted all kinds of obstacles. Commenting on this, Alexander Milinkevich said:
"It multiplies. After the first step was made, and he was welcomed in Europe. Both the opposition also welcomed the release of political prisoners — it is very fundamental step. But more needs to be done almost everything. This is a free media and the electoral practice, and application of the law must others. There are 14 young people on so called chemistry, is in favor of business. There are 18 students who are studying in Poland and can not come against whom criminal cases. Many more steps to be done. A European side too — that reducing the cost of visas Belarusian people, this preference in trade, economic cooperation and investment. Strongly lot of work. This is only the beginning of consultations. "

According to the chairman of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin, one of the topics of conversation — the elections in Belarus. While the ability to discuss this topic with the Polish side was not.
"It will be to the same speech, and with the EU institutions through the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country by far not the last own weight.
It just indicates that there is enthusiasm for the views of the United Democratic Forces. The European side holds that any decisions to be taken in respect of Belarus, will take into account the fact that the democratic forces think about it. "
Paul Seviarynets recalled that Radoslaw Sikorski before elections in Belarus had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov:

"In the European democratic system, when leading politicians make a mistake, it is always a politician, which certainly points to this error, and correct the situation.
Therefore Sikorski gave a hint that his visit to the Belarusian authorities in the Bialowieza Forest was not very correct. And because this meeting — an attempt spetsefichesky way to correct, to obtain an estimate of Belarusian democrats about the situation and maybe adjust the policy raschynennya doors to representatives of the regime, which began ministers of the European Union. "

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