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Spotlight Concert in Charleston, "Satisfaction Love" Chrysler and "Summertime" by Gershwin in performing violinist Yuriy Bekker

Yuriy Bekker — 26 years. He was born in Minsk. Violin is engaged with a 6-year-olds. In the 90s, along with his family moved to the United States.
Musician now lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and concerts in various countries. On last week his speech in Charleston, in the so-called Spotlight Concert, again gathered a full house.
Answering journalists’ questions about the secrets of success of the musician, 26-year-old violinist Yuriy Bekker behalf of several events: natural features work right teachers, especially in childhood, and patrons. Jury selects the middle of the last representatives of the Fund Richard and Mika Godard: "Thanks to their support, all those meetings, relations with mentarami, yearly concert, the fund has become my family. I managed to get a great experience and emerge as a musician."
By Richard patrons Godard music world still have not learned all the facets of this talent violinist.
"We are very proud of his earliest achievements such Yuri. He was born to play the violin. Resolute, measured style, supernatural control, sharp as a blade, intonation, muzykalnasts and fiery passion. He has it all and even more …" — says about Becker philanthropist Richard Godard.
Yuriy Bekker — one of a number of musicians Belarusian origin who now live and work in the West.
Graduate of the Belarusian Conservatory soloist Minsk Symphony Orchestra, pianist, winner of the prestigious contest in a new Orleans and several international festivals Yuri Blinov last 7 years living in the United States. Constantly performs with major orchestras around the world. His successful performance in the Chamber Hall of the New York Carnegie Hall press reported.
Now the South American and West European experts lot of controversy surrounding this manner of implementation of a professional pianist. German Hans patrons Rafa, who together with his wife own support young artists from Belarus and other former Soviet states, the manner Blinov seems "somewhat insane." "But it’s something that is very much like — adds my source. — In Anyway, Pancakes — this phenomenon. "
German sponsor also believes that professional academic Belarusian artists "today can be realized only through the concert activities abroad."
"I believe that this is a chance for your young performers — get some western grant patrons find — says Teuton. — I am familiar with the music schools of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Moldova … Indeed, the teachers work here interesting. But in schools, even the conservatory is simply no good-quality tools. pianos, which taught students to play, have long can not be called high quality: they do, unfortunately, is more harmful than helpful because sformirovyvaetsya inaccurate sound sense. "
That a similar problem exists, and educators agree the Belarusian Academy of Music.
"I have a very capable Freshman — says a teacher with 40 years of experience Tatiana. — I do not know what will happen to him on. Cash family’s ability to moderate. Instrument no ordinary house. Such struck box. Do not know … It not an isolated case. "
Teacher wants, that the way of its professional students often met foreign patrons, because of their own Russian, unfortunately, no.
"For me, it is not encouraging that my assistants leave and that I only pull out for yourself the latest plyayadu — says the teacher. — At the same time, that there? Where they work? Do 1st most my professional students who left the rate was at the Philharmonic, which he could not live … Not enough for a simple ".

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