Belarusians rally near the UN headquarters in New York

At the rally sounded Belarusian songs and poems, and organizers gave all participants a white-red-white roses. Photos and videos from the rally in New Yorkemozhno look here
: A solemn meeting in honor of the 90th anniversary of the BNR and to support the fight against the dictatorship of Lukashenka organized Belarusian-American Association (BASE) and the Belarusian Association of America’s youth. (ZBMA)
The rally assumed the role of a few 10’s people.
During the meeting were the chairman of the New York Department BASE Vitaly Bunny, favorites ZBMA Nikolay Timoshenko and Nikita gardener. Chairman of the Belarusian Association of America’s youth Nikolay Timoshenko recalled third anniversary of the events in Minsk October Square and called to give tribute to the courage of men Square.
Makaruk Alexander, a member of the Belarusian Association of America’s youth, shared his impressions after the meeting:

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