In the past year, the emperor Yakubu is 95 years old. I decided that I should not delay the visit. But on the way to a veteran I met in its path several fascinating conversationalists.

Settlement Berezinskoye traveler meets good decoration for "Roadside Picnic" by Strugatsky — dead 1st building of the buildings of the former briquette plant. Rusted pipes, dark windows without glass, lined with brick figure "1959". When I braked to admire this wonder of the factory, I was approached by a lady of retirement age. Started the conversation itself. Inquiring, not from the capital I, and received a positive response, the lady expressed her request. I type in what the Minsk newspaper announcement of her work.

Lady: "I myself live here, have Berezinskoye. Would find me such wealthy. Maybe mother or father to look. Myself nurse. And here is nowhere job. I would perfectly arranged. Grandmother looked to."
Reporter: "And why Berezinskoye lives?"
Lily: "Peat Briquette once was. And now from the Minsk Refrigerator Plant "Atlant" certain parts are doing. "
Reporter: "How do people live?"
Lily: "Very poor. Poorer live up to a nightmare. Itself I get three pensions."
Reporter: "And people are not angry?"
Lily: "What do you need? Thrash each other? All means all savings, all taken away. We had one very many funds. He had maybe 40 three thousand. And all gone. I also had some amount of money. He took in the head and died. He came down from the brain. No. I’m not going to the brain. "
Reporter: "Lukashenko promised …"
Lily: "He almost everything promised. And that in Russia? Also … "
Reporter: "And give in Lithuania."
Lily: "Two thousand of my lies in Lithuania. Where they give?"
Reporter: "No. His own."
From time to time these ladies is more fun to listen to sociologists. At least, as regards the behavior of the electorate in the economic doldrums, the forecast from Aunt Lily, for sure, the most affordable.
Reporter: "So, people going to rebel?"
Lily: "Drink, of course. They will drink. Here nobody will rebel. Drink. Scary drink. What has been drinking, I myself work in the district hospital. You can not even imagine what tsyroznyh bring unhealthy. And how many homeless people! These bums! Such offensive! Such terrible, I would them so. Catching would be built which house. Either farms for their special. Lukashenko loses much. "
We Mrs. Lilia posoboleznovali Lukashenko, who loses such a valuable resource. I took the text of the declaration, and drove on. Looking for a home Yakub Conon, I talked with the company of men who were digging in the garage, trying to resurrect the old "golf." That in politics understand all Belarusian men, a fact recognized. But their idea of it all further away from the general band. Garage owner has long gone from the local plant on the availability of bread. Engaged in repairing cars.
Man: "Pavpaselka ass. Pay well, but then a stupid job. In Minsk, such work would pay mad money. My wife at the plant, 550 gets. Aburela country. "
Reporter: "Sami elected."
Man: "Who chose whom? Who chose Lukashenka at least in this period? We did so in the factory. Saturday — working day. Who does not go to the polls — absenteeism. Premature vote. In 48 states are not allowed Lukashenko. And the point? How bent and oppression. In those years, with the number was calculated on the library. FIG me that library? That my child will go there? And at the moment they build stadiums channels. It would be better nuclear power plant has long been built. For these funds. How they lived under the Bolsheviks, and currently live. "
About economic flawless coming Belarus my interlocutor has such a recipe.
Man: "Belarus can live through the 1st transit. Made four hours a day. And went home. And the rest is due to transit. Center of Europe. Cholera, he immediately pressed to RF? Went to the West, near the European Union. "
Reporter: "At the moment, the opposition is going to start collecting signatures. For Belarus’ accession to the EU. To collect a million."
Man: "Gather million. Father padatre these millions ass. I say to you, when it will be better. Another four or five years on the force. As this generation grows up. We have lived under the Bolsheviks, so more so … A these people will not be silent. Mark my words. Grow a new generation. "
I was always amused that there does not seem to Belarus town or village, in what would have been his own poet. Normally they are not related to the topic of the Belarusian masterful. In most cases, their feeble and amateur poetry. But thanks to these scribblers all local Russian events, the respect of leaders, farm or anniversary, though slightly animated and receive human form. In Berezinski writes poetry former peat factory working Tatiana Bagan.

Tatiana: "To not drink vodka, I would kindly wife was. And barks, howls and insulting me every day." You komolnye cattle. All overgrown as hell bristles. And the last time I was sober, let me answer? "Here comes the morning, my head is bursting, buzzing. Where can I take a thousand, that was enough to" zero 5? "Where can I get some water itself, so I was able to get drunk?"
Our such a great speech. She seems such zakavyrystaya. Maybe incomprehensible Russian man. "
Reporter: "No man native language …"
Tatiana: "deprived. According to my conception. Here are my kids. I have no daughter says in Russian. Lives alone in Minsk, second in Maladzechna. All they say they Belarusian. I come to my own daughter in Maladzechna. She works in a children’s hospital. I hear she says with people. "
House Yakub Conon worth, for sure, at the dirty street Berezinskoye. By her not to drive on the "Volga", and the "lendrovery." I hope many guests sovereign Yakub Western embassies problems with travel was less than your faithful servant. Their attention is not deprived of a veteran. What, however, is a migraine for his daughter Janina. She was without interest.
Ioannina: "From him already not a lot of things can be achieved. He’s like a spoiled tape. To him came salting South American, French, Polish, British. "
Reporter: "You do not focus on the flaws …"
Ioannina: "Oh. You understand that. Zvyareyu I have. You duplicate each other. It is the work you and for us unnecessary concern. The same grandfather as mannequins. His need to shave, dress. Ride took foreign correspondents. No privacy. Person 95 years of age. What do you want? "
I still went face-control at Madame Ioannina. And the hero Monte Kasyn not seemed mannequins. Lean, the highest is more than an old man recalls Don Quixote.

Jakub: "I was one of a Monte Kasyn. I lived my whole life under persecution. NKVD haunted me."
Reporter: "Mr. Yacoub. A where he wasabout terrible at Monte Kasyn or Siberia? "
Jakub: "Where terrible … it was terrible in the North."
Reporter: "You were not afraid vorachivatsya here after the war?"
Jakub: "I opened the world on all four sides. Persuade me, that I did not go here. And I went. W
as here granny such varazhnitskaya. Had me in her guess. What she said to me. Nothing will happen. You go in treasury house for long years. How much time you’ll ruin.’ll live. All you can. And return to their homeland. unscathed. azhenissya Then another. Understand what, I believe in the planetoid human life. "
The War tells the old quiet. As if the work in question.
Jakub: "We were such a force! And there are rocky mountains. In these mountains 6 months Italians worked on this band. We had a great technique. 55 percent hearing I lost there. I was a gunner in the artillery. All had read in Polish . "
Reporter: "And do not read as Belarusian?"
Jakub: "Between a read as why not? General then spoke. He said all right." Soldiers! You do not understand, you have come in the dark night. After this not one night you will not experiences a uterus. You much left here. Neither the uterus does not meet, neither spouse, sister. Stay forever. We will bring a tremendous sacrifice. With God. On the way! "I’m 800 per night released shells from his own gun. Stems reddish done."
Reporter: "You were not afraid vorachivatsya here?"
Jakub: "I was afraid. Gadalschitsa but said that I would come home to breathe. And marry. I then found a place. In Italy. Mary found there, Italian. Almost married us. Agreed before marriage. And our regiment left for the UK. Already came to marriage, and here our regiment left for the UK … "
Italic Belarusian authorities did not permit the soldier to return to Italy with his wife. What tongued says about the attitude of the then Italian authorities to their liberators. That the homeland is not sweet, Jakub Conan imagined. But, of course, could not foresee all the details of the reception. All services were taken away. And sent, together with a young wife and small offspring in Siberia for expulsion. Where Conan returned exclusively 59th year.
I’m not the first time I meet with Belarusian human reluctance to live in exile. But the case of Jakub Conan special. Indeed, this desire for Belarusian was prepared to pay for the highest score. And is not that why this man defeated and survived?

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