Berlin rally of solidarity with Belarus

Its members — the activists of "Amnesty International" — recalled that today 90 years ago, was declared Belarusian People Republic and that on the same day two years reversed for his role in the peaceful protest was arrested ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. Participants of the rally near the Belarusian Embassy sought immediately release Belarusian political prisoner.
On the telephone in Berlin — one of the organizers, human rights activist, a student of the Institute of the Berlin Free Burnt Schulze:
"We brought a lot to the embassy petitions with signatures on the release of the Belarusian politician, whose fate is known in Germany. Also, we have prepared for this action a lot of photos, where are our fellow citizens with stretch marks and signs reading" Freedom for Kazulin! "All these letters and petitions we specifically want to hand the Embassy staff, but no one came to us. We told that we need to throw it all in a box.
To be honest, this coldness Belarusian diplomats struck us. Although it gradually becomes and ordinary. We specifically informed the Belarusian embassy of their own demonstrations and the desire to convey our demands to any of them specifically. "
By Bernt Schulze similar rally on March 25 in Germany have become classics.
"We know that during the demonstrations on Day will Belarus many detentions, beatings and arrests. In the midst of claims "the International Amnesty" the Belarusian authorities — providing Belarusian citizens such basic rights as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. "

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