BNR — it’s like a dream of Belarusian independence

Lady: "BPR — it Belarusian People Republic. It as a sign of Belarusian independence. Can not say that it was really to be independent, but it’s like a dream of Belarusian independence. "
Man: "It is the homeland, where I was born and my forefathers. And I have to live here, do, Homeland prospered so, that my kids were born here and have all the best. And this should be given all the powers. "
Young Man: "It Belarusian People’s Republic of. "
Reporter: "What do you mean BPR?"
Young Man: "Oh, nothing, as no matter what the abbreviation. Stories in a lot of things happened, but my story is not much interested."
Young Man: "Nothing, I do not know about."
Man: "Well, that means to me BNR? This is my homeland, the beloved country, the beloved republic. Here …"
Woman: "The Belarusian People’s Republic of. It has more to do with history. And for me personally — it was revived when the Belarusian statehood and general Everything Belarusian . "
Young Man: "Maybe it’s like that-nibudt BNF?"
Reporter: "This means Belarusian Ludetion Republic. Have you heard of such? "
Young Man: "No, not heard."
Reporter: "And in the history of Belarus itself did not study in school?"
Young Man: "I’m currently studying at the institute, will engineer. A history of Belarus something I did not mention, though, maybe he knew, but forgot …"
Man: "It was the first public education in Belarus."
Man: "BPR — it is something without which there would be no modern Belarus, and at first would not be Litbel later BSSR. In general, this part of the story, and once I touched something. In particular, people who are at the time, the occupation, the government decides to do and encouraged others to do so. "Tags: poll, Grodno, BNR

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