BNR — one of the steps of the Belarusian statehood

Man: "For me personally, it means, there was such a Belarusian People’s Republic. At the moment it Republic of Belarus. This — our history, and it must be respected. "
Lady: "Ninety years ago Republic was formed. I live in this Belarus. This — my homeland, my home, it’s my everything. "
Man: "I do not know anything about BPR."
Lady: "One of the stages of formation of the Belarusian statehood — this means to me the Belarusian People’s Republic."
Man: "The Belarusian People’s Republic — Republic, which defended its honor, not to succumb to pressure other states and declared its independence. "
Man: "People is People that read here."
Lady: "Here is our segodnyaschy Republic — real. And in the 18th year — it is also linked … with Hitler. "
Lady: "On this date, I’m sorry, I know nothing."
Lady: "For me, BNR — hope Belarus become an independent, authorities finally begin to respect Byelorussian, and people — to know their history. "
Man: "the first thing that came to mind — a ticket for the exam on the history of Belarus."
Lady: "For me, BNR — is the path to freedom."
Man: "The Belarusian People’s Republic — is Russia. We live in it."
Lady: "I do not know the history."
Man: "We tried to seem in the 19th year to make the Belarusian People’s Republic."
Lady: "For me, BNR — is part of the history of Belarusian. But I think that at the moment should not give her a lot of attention. What’s done is done. Have to take — it’s all fine. But controlled so that BNR’s … It — the story, it was her no. "
Man: "This is a very memorable date for us. Since then, when they announced our Belarusian People’s Republic, we can consider himself equal to all Western countries."

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