Bobruisk coaches were selling drugs to children

Three Bobruisk inmate sentenced to 9 years for selling drugs, reports "Bobruisk courier". Most distinctive in this story — a trade traffickers. Knows journalist Victor Kachan.
"According to the press service of the KGB of the Mogilev region of two 3-convicts were the heavy athletics coaches and Thai boxing. The main buyers of drugs from their children were 16 years old. "
According to Victor Kachan addiction in Bobruisk virtually "blossomed": "Syringes see the house once a day," — said the journalist.
On the 90th anniversary of the BNR "Narodnaya Volya"Endeared article known historian, Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich. Creator knows about the event, which began the modern Belarus, shares his ideas on how to keep the total wealth — statehood. Employee newspaper Svetlana Klimentenko cites an article Gritskevich Anatolia.
"Day 25th March is a public prazdnichkom Belarusians. The homeland, abroad — to all of us, that all Belarusians defended the independence and sovereignty of the country. To our kids, grandchildren and descendants were citizens of a free Belarus. "

Already felt the effects of the presidential decree number 760, which limited the rights of private business hiring workers? So the question is the newspaper "Brest Courier". Editor Nikolay Alexandrov acquaints with some fruits of research.
"Currently in Brest vacant more than 600 retail locations in the markets. This kiosks and pavilions, and so on. Entrepreneurs intensively leave, first Ukraine. There’s open market places, open enterprise, because there is less taxes, and starting a business easier, more transparent system. On specific examples, we show Belarus loses money, which could make the national budget. "

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