Bobruisk: police beat Ales Chyhir and Igor Khodko

After beating activists policemen carried about five hundred copies of "Freedom." Any documents that would allow them to these acts, the police did not show, said A.Chigirya.
By Ales Chyhir, to help the two policemen, who first broke into the house, police pulled outfit of about 10 people. Policemen immediately tried to put out of the house printed materials.
"We sat on the floor in front of the door to prevent the police. Those rushed initially distract us, and later began to peel. Thrashed hands and batons. I broke his nose, Khodko lost consciousness. Currently lying on the couch. I called an ambulance. In Bobruisk so the police themselves were not yet ", — said Alexander Chigir.
Two policemen broke into the personal and public center for 17 hours. Door open ministry official claimed emergencies Sergey Gavrilenko. His claim, he argued the need to urgently look around the premises for fire safety. After 40 minutes, a policeman who introduced senior lieutenant Toustsik, summoned help.
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