Bobruisk: The police broke into the personal home

Policemen are in the house 17 hours.
By Ales Chyhir, two policemen to break into the house, used official of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Fireman, who identified himself as Sergei Gavrylenko, said he urgently needed to explore the room for fire safety. When activists let him into the house, followed included two policemen. One of them introduced himself Toustsik first lieutenant, second refused to call himself.
Ales Chyhir states that police behave boorish. First, that they have created it without permission bypassed all the premises, giving special attention to the prints.
By Ales Chyhir, police called for the rescue itself. What are they going to do, do not they say.
Bobruisk public activists believe that the police seek out campaign materials with a call to participate in the action Freedom day — March 25 in Minsk.

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